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Celebs Interacted With Russian Social Media Sites

Earlier we reported on the indictment of 13 Russians as a result of Robert Mueller’s investigation into election tampering back in 2016. Based on the indictment paperwork, several social media outlets have been outed as Russian propaganda, and many of the most famous Americans citizens unknowingly helped their reach.

For example, take this tweet that Nicki Minaj sent the day the harrowing live-stream murders happened in Cleveland:

Or Donald Trump replying to some of that wet and sloppy boot-licking that he enjoys so much:

According to NBC, these two were FAR from the only celebrities to get caught up by the Ruskis, they have an EXTENSIVE list of influential tweeters who unwittingly (in Trump’s case, he probably knew they were Russian, but we digress) engaged in one form or another (reply, retweet, like) with Russian propaganda pages:

Jake Tapper (CNN)

Sarah Silverman

Trevor Noah

Ann Coulter

Sean Hannity

Donald Trump Jr.

The list goes on and on and on. Trump haters engaged usually to push back against a claim, while MAGA brand mayo jars engaged to show support or as evidence of their misguided beliefs.

We’ve all gotta be more conscious of which things we let get us riled up online. You might just be aiding the enemy.



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