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Harlem Restaurant Blasted For Racially Profiling Three Black Women

Just weeks after two Black patrons at a Missouri Applebees were accused of being a different set of African American diners who ate at the restaurant the day PRIOR and didn’t pay for their food, three NY based black women are facing similar allegations.

and her two friends told The New York Daily News that on February 10 after they walked over to the bar to grab drinks at Angel Of Harlem restaurant, a manager accused them of ditching their bill during a previous visit.

“You were here last week, and ran up a tab and left,” the manager said aggressively, according to Fitzgibbon. “We were beyond embarrassed,” Fitzgibbon, 45, told the Daily News. “I felt dehumanized.”

Fitzgibbon told the manager that it was their first time at the restaurant but he snatched a menu, accused her of lying and (physically) pushed them out of the establishment.

A Yelp reviewer also accused Angel Of Harlem of profiling that SAME day when a bartender overcharged a black patron and then said it was because the woman’s boyfriend “stole alcohol” from the counter.

“We were told that my partner had been stealing drinks from the counter and that is why we were charged extra,” Kristina, who lives in Harlem, wrote in the review. “If he had been stealing, why weren’t we kicked out then? This doesn’t make any sense.”

Dear NY readers, take heed of stories like these and remember where we’re not welcomed.


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