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Go check on your auntie with the gold fronts PLEASE…

Khia And TS Madison End “The Queens Court”

Some messy aunties are airing each other out after they ended their popular podcast. Khia and TS Madison who caused both laughter and outrage with the “Queens Court” are apparently no longer working together and wallowing in some super messy, auntie adjacent beef.

As previously reported things got sketchy between the hosts after an irate Khia stormed off during THAT failed episode with special guest Mo’Nique.

Following that they said they were on hiatus—-but Khia did a loooooong Instagram live where she said she’d be doing solo videos and blasted television personality Funky Dineva for commenting on their podcast.

(Watch that if you have some time on your hands)

Now after Khia and TS MSadison tried to revive their messy celeb dragging show and had a public appearance together…
it looks like things are ALL the way done between them.

Khia went Live (again) for her new “Gag Order” show to accuse TS Madison of stealing her “Queens Court” idea by trademarking the name and buying the website.

“Stop trying to claim ownership to something that’s not yours,” said Khia. “It’s not yours. You didn’t start it or create, I don’t care if you spent $2000 on a chimney, a fireplace, on props…”

Madison clapped back however and alleged that she bought the trademark, while Khia was sitting next to her and watching, to protect their brand for future opportunities. She then presented a perfect example of why she did so and included receipts.

One of which, showed that NICKI MINAJ offered to help them get “Queens Court” a television opportunity. According to Maddie, she had a phone convo with Nicki about the process but Khia ultimately foiled the plan because she wouldn’t agree to the contract’s terms.

“Don’t you dare convey to these people that I stole anything,” said Madison.
“This is gonna go to see why Khia blocked Nicki Minaj, me and Nicki communicated on the telephone. It was hard to get Khia on the phone because she don’t like to f***k with nobody, she talk about energy and whoopty whoop.

Nicki Minaj hit me and I love Nicki, we been in communication all the way up until December 30,” added Madison. “We ended up getting all the way down—here’s our contract from Bunim & Murray production company. We got down with contracts for a television deal.”


That’s not all however, Khia is being aired out for homophobic and transphobic comments she made about the LGBT community. People are especially upset because Khia was working alongside TS Madison who identifies as a transwoman.

NEW YORK - JULY 10: Recording artist Khia attends her ''Gangstress'' Album Release Party at Bed on July 10, 2006 in New York City.

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Hit the flip.

Khia later said you shouldn’t let “messy sissies” in your house.

“Keep them messy sissies out ya house,” said Khia. “Case closed, casket has been dropped. I’m really tired of talking about that.”

Mo’Nique wants it to be clear that she had nothing to do with their fall out.

TS Madison apologized to Queens Court fans for the drama.

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Madison says however that she’s continuing Queens Court by herself. She’ll return March 19.

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For The Record…..👩🏾‍💻😁 3/19/18

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Khia is denying being homophobic and clapping back at a D.C. promoter who apologized to patrons for working with her.

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