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Rae Carruth Seeks Custody Of His Disabled Son After Release From Prison

Former NFL player Rae Carruth is currently on the last leg of his 18-year prison sentence for having his 7-month pregnant girlfriend murdered back in 1999, and scheduled to be released this fall. As such, the former Carolina Panthers wide receiver has now penned a 15-page letter to his victim’s mother, who has been raising his son — stricken with cerebral palsy due to the injuries he sustained in the womb during his mother’s murder — in hopes to sway public opinion of her plea for custody of the child he tried to kill.

While Carruth extends his “sincere” apologies for murdering Cherica Adams, he expresses to her mother Saundra that she needs to stop “spreading lies” about him to the media. The lies are apparently that he has never apologized to her for taking her child off this earth and leaving her to raise a grandchild with special needs, and also telling people that Cherica was his “girlfriend.” He says that aside from their physical relationship, they were practically strangers…which seems neither here nor there at this point.

Carruth also denies that he had Cherica killed simply to avoid having to pay child support. Instead, he says the murder was over the fact that she refused to get an abortion….which honestly, as far as we can tell, sounds like the same thing.

Either way, Rae tells WBTV that now that he’ll be around, raising his disabled son is his own responsibility and no one else’s…despite the fact that he tried to kill the boy, is the sole reason he has a disability in the first place, doesn’t know him at all, and quite likely has no idea how to care for someone with cerebral palsy.

Granted, while Cherica’s mother says she has forgiven Rae for murdering her daughter and actually encourages a relationship between him and her grandson, she’s absolute that he will NEVER take on custody of the boy.

SMH. This guy is smug at the worst and delusional at best. We don’t doubt he’s had to face some hard truths about what he did while spending nearly 20 years in the clink, but surely he can’t think harping on the fact that the pregnant woman he had murdered wasn’t formally his girlfriend, issuing an apology worthy of a fender-bender, and watching his son grow up through news clippings warrants him rights to play Daddy to this poor child NOW. SMH.



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