Pure Comedy: A ‘Catwoman’ Writer Admits On Twitter That Even He Hates The Film

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Even The People Who Worked On Catwoman Didn’t Like It

One terrible Twitter take got a clapback from the source itself, and it was a glorious thing to watch.

One colonizer decided that since Black Panther was getting so much attention, he would bring up the fact that there’s already been a black “superhero” in the history of the world. The only problem? She was totally wrong. This woman brought up Michelle Obama’s excitement for black kids being able to have superheroes to look up to, and brought up Halle Berry’s role as Catwoman.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why this hot take is absolutely dumb, but one guy took it to the next level with his clapback, because he actually wrote parts of the film. He explains that he was a credited writer and still thinks the movie sucks and has no cultural relevance. Also, Catwoman wasn’t a hero and the role has nothing to do with her being black.


This firing back from Rogers was incredibly refreshing and hopefully got the point to McAllister that one movie with a black character isn’t enough, because DUH.

After all these years of white super heroes, wypipo are STILL offended by a movie about a black one. Sad.


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