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Erika Harold Says She Was Called The N-Word

A black female attorney general candidate is making national news after she says a fellow Republican dropped the n-word around her.

Erika Harold, a Harvard University grad/former Miss America turned politician/attorney general candidate, told The Chicago Tribune that Winfield Township GOP Chairman Burt Minor let his racist flag fly during an October meeting.

Not only that, he also inappropriately asked her if she was a “lesbo” and she was highly offended by the conversation.

““I was just shocked by it, and I was thinking how inappropriate it is for this kind of questioning and comments to be part of what should be a professional conversation,” Harold told the Chicago Tribune.

“While I’m obviously focused on my (attorney general) race, I don’t support his candidacy and think he should withdraw from the (House) race,” she said.”

So far Minor has declined to drop out the race and he’s telling the Tribune that their convo was “greatly misrepresented.”

“It was in no way meant to be offensive. I honestly left our meeting unaware that our conversation might have made Erika uncomfortable. My apologies to Erika if she was in any way offended,” Minor said.

Harold added that during their convo while Minor didn’t use the n-word to describe her, he casually dropped it and didn’t censor himself.

“And that was shocking to me because I haven’t heard someone use that word in a very long time. I said, ‘No one should use that word.’ And he repeated it again, using the full word. And I said, ‘No one should use that word.’ And he repeated it a third time, and I reiterated that that’s an offensive word for anyone to use,” she said.




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