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Busta Rhymes got a little too revealing at his “Blessed” listening session recently. According to sources, Busta Rhymes talked about his first time busting a nut:

“Trying to explain his close relationship with his mother, Busta recalled the first time he ejaculated … and how his mom cleaned him up afterwards.”

Excuse me while I vomit…..That is truly beyond f**ked up. Busta(nut) needs divine assistance – big time. There are no words for this brand of madness. SMH.


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  • wow

    oh my

  • SomethingReal

    That relationship is a little to close

  • Bob


    that’s why moms are for!

  • Sxa

    Third!!! eeeuuuuwwww! sh!t is nasty!

  • Devon

    There are no people on earth dumber, uglier and nastier than rappers.

  • as seen on t.v.

    he really should have kept that to himself…

  • TRUTH,, i am a girl

    Rappers are Straight no worthy HOS who get no respect except for the fact they make money and great in bed! Forget him and his nastiness!

    And my response to him busting a nut, dag dude was you like a kid? I mean fa ya mommy to clean ya stinkin semen off ya dic you must have been some lil kiddie! Dag this was too much info of you and ya mom closeness. I mean.

  • Stomp Like an Elephant...

    absolutely disgusting, and to tell people that sh*t…have ye no shame…

  • BadCredit

    Where was his Daddy? She should’a cleaned him up too.

  • trs

    That’s just straight up N.A.S.T.Y. Why on earth would his mother be involved in that experience? Better yet, why the hell would he put himself out there by revealing something like that to the public? I luv Busta but this is too much for me…

  • http://www.myspace.com/akahlf Dr. Heather

    Wow…talk about no boundaries between mother and son…

  • Sunny Days

    There are some things that you should just keep to yourself! I mean that’s great that u have such a close relationship with mommy, but damn.. we don’t wanna know all of that!

  • Lush_Us Lipps

    Ewwwwwe TMI!!!!! Too much info Busta!

  • confused! jus a lil...

    hey, anyone wanna tell me wat SMH means?lol Seriously though, im new so be nice!

  • http://www.uprawentertainment.com Lite

    SMH = Shake my head

    Ya’ll stupid for believin this sh*t is real…stop the madness. N stop hatin on my man Bussa Buss…they got the story wrong. He bust his 1st nutt inside of me!!

  • The SchoLar

    Thats soooo INCEST!!! DISGUSTING!!! UGGGGHH….

  • Fabs

    people always take things out of context .. when my son had his ‘wet dream’ he about had a heart attack and came running to me [daddy was on a business trip] and I told him what was happening — and took the sheets to be washed and helped him clean up and taught him how to clean himself up for future reference. nothing nasty or vile about it. just a close relationship with your children.

  • veesky

    I agree with Fabs, ^^^^^^…people make one comment and it gets blown completely out of proportion.

  • http://www.sickathanaverage.com new-new rican

    He looks like he just busted one in that picture! But I guess it’s all good now that he knos how to clean himself! LMAO

  • anh

    all little boys go through that and busta must have some flash backs from those days. but man keep that to yourself we don’t want to know you like that. when you don’t have anything nice to say, just say nothing.

  • pusslips

    i actually did vomit.

  • http://365daysofmovies.blogspot.com/ MovieWatcher

    He has no common sense or if he does he is deciding to live as if he has none

  • Clevon

    This is just part and parcel of the brain dead mentality of the rappers. Those mutherf**kers are the worst snakes and have done more damage to our image in the world than anybody else on this planet. I just wish they would all just die out.

  • some things are just not fyi material!


  • The Bear

    @ Confused

    SMH = Shaking My Head

    @ Fabs & veesky

    I think what most of us found offensive is the ffact that Busta choose not to keep this very private matter private.

    In this day and age of reality television it seems like some people are loosing touch with what aspects of the lives of entertainers are inappropriate the public forum. In plain English: “we don’t need to hear that ish”

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