Ready for Some Real R&B Again…

- By Bossip Staff

Johnta Austin, singer and songwriter, one of the members of Jermaine Dupri’s Ocean’s 7, is working on his own project. He has written songs for some big names: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson and more. This time around is for him… Is it a Hit or Miss???


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  • Mock Rock Star

    Miss…sounds mediocre like majority of RnB music…can I do better…probably not

  • leogame


  • Alrighty Then...

    I been checkin’ for Johnta for a few yrs… He’s decent… sounds a little like Usher on some of his songs

  • MainChick

    A HIT!!!!! Johnta is the shit…He can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • bcan

    hope he’s gotten his attitude in friend interviewed him on the radio a few years back & said he was s$$hole…so hopefully, he’s got that together.

  • bunny

    It’s alright…not sure if I’m feeling it

  • babii


  • On the Real

    Him and Jermaine Dupri are pretty gay with all that Ocean’s 7 nut hugging. Especially Jermaine, dude looks like he’s going through a real mid life crisis with the Ocean’s 7 theme, lol. Just because you have money doesn’t mean that makes you exempt from being lame, and these dudes are the epitome of lame and they really have no idea.

  • Lala27


  • crazychris

    I prefer p funk.

  • grendel

    listen to what

  • Cine

    Sounds like the Ushemario Songz. (Usher Mario and Trey Songz together LOL) So tired of these generic songs!

  • Droppin dimes Quaters cuz dime dont buy shit.

    yea im not feeling this song but i know the boi from his past work and he got madd talent.

    im glad he gunna get a lil recognition but he gunna have to step it up.

  • Tina Marie

    Are You Satisfied?

    The media and so many others, acted as his
    Judge, Jury And Executioner, which made his
    life rough, plus a childhood he never knew he
    was too busy trying to please more than a few

    Although he seldom complained it had to be
    pretty tough, at Mike’s expense the laughs and
    jokes seemed to never stop, some never gave
    him the chance to show the rest of us who truly
    loved him, the real scope of such a rare and
    special man, he was a diamond that was treated
    like glass what a shame!

    How painful it must have been to have been so
    famous, yet to still feel at times not to have a
    single friend that believed in his innocence
    although millions like myself who loved him since
    a kid, wish he knew we truly did!

    So to all who mocked him and stripped away his
    self esteem and quality of life, because no matter
    how many people screamed they loved him as he
    moon walked across the stage, the pressure of being
    labeled was too much, it messed with his head, I hope
    now you see how undeserved hatred and unproven
    allegations can ruin others lives, there was never any
    solid proof, yet the rumors were spread all over town
    “People Like You” are those
    “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”
    that has finally been found!

    So to those of you, who bare some responsibility
    either physically or mentally, for his early
    demised, now that he R.I.P. Are You Satisfied?

    Poet: Tina Marie Clark

    My Tribute To: Our Beloved Michael Jackson

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