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This Girl Broke Her Retainer In The Name Of Michael B. Jordan

This story is pretty hilarious, but only because it’s not happening to you.

A young woman named Sophia Robb snapped her retainer in half while trying to stop herself from screaming as Michael B. Jordan took off his shirt in Black Panther. Anticipation and excitement led to a jaw-clenching so fierce that it broke her retainer.

Honestly, this could have happened to any of us watching that scene of MBJ take off his shirt–but if it were me, I’d keep that info to myself and say I broke my retainer some other nondescript way.

So how did this story get out there? Not by Robb’s own devices, that’s for sure. When she went to get it fixed, her orthodontist posted Sophia’s story on Tumblr, where she found and tweeted it out proclaiming that she was the girl being described.


This tweet and Sophia’s hilarious story went so far, she even earned Jordan’s sympathy and attention, which included an offer to pay to replace the broken retainers.

Such a generous spirit. For anyone else who sustained any sort of bodily injuries once Michael B. Jordan took his shirt off in Black Panther, live your truth. We’re all in this together.



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