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BOSSIP Interviews Sheryl Underwood About Dispute With Mo’Nique And Her Career At “The Talk”

Last week BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Janeé Bolden was Top Talker on CBS’ “The Talk” and she sat down with Sheryl Underwood for an exclusive one-on-one following the taping. Sheryl recently made BOSSIP headlines following a difference in opinion she had with Mo’Nique. Janeé spoke to Sheryl about that and so much more! Check out their interview below:

Janeé Bolden/BOSSIP: You were on Bossip recently, there was a little drama going on with Mo’Nique so we wanted to know if you have spoken to her since and if everything is all good now?

Sheryl Underwood: I haven’t had a chance to speak to Mo’Nique, I think with all the interviews she’s doing, you know people want to hear her story, I would say in talking about pay disparities, on a racial level, on a female to male level, I think what she is saying is warranted and relevant. When we are talking to each other, because we do talk, we have been friends for years; so when we are talking to each other we’re talking like ‘ girl yeah, you are right, I hear you,’ but sometimes we can agree to disagree on process. But I still support her right to have her opinion in this business.

JB/BOSSIP: So you would still consider her a friend?

Sheryl Underwood: Absolutely I would consider her a friend and I would hope that we all can work together so that everybody can get out here and get this work and then everybody can be cool with each other. That was the only thing that I was saying on “The Talk,” I mean I’m sitting at a table with some phenomenal women. You’ve got Sara Gilbert, you’ve got Eve, you’ve got Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne, you’ve had a chance to meet everybody, so when we say something at our table we want to be able to spread it out to the world, we want to spread that goodwill out to the world. And if you’re talking about doing some good n the neighborhood, we want to support that. We want to support anybody that’s doing good.

JB/BOSSIP: Now do you think Mo’Nique has gotten a bad rap? It seemed like when she went on “The Breakfast Club” that’s how she tried to spin it.

Sheryl Underwood: I would say this. I know Charlamagne, I know everyone at The Breakfast Club, you have to be ready for them, you gotta really know what they’re talking about and sometimes if you want to get the clicks and if you really want to get what’s happening, you have to really listen to the question and have your answers prepared. I think Mo’Nique is really well versed at this business and she knows what she wants to convey.

The ladies of The Talk on the CBS Television Network. From left, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Julie Chen, shown.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

JB/BOSSIP: Congratulations on all your awards, I know you’re an Emmy winner, can you talk a little about what that means to you?

Sheryl Underwood: Can I just tell you something? The award before the Emmy was the NAACP award. You never think, I’m coming from Def Comedy Jam, I’m coming from Comic View, I’m coming from being a road comic, especially a hood road comic, so to come here and then get nominated for Daytime Emmys with this group, on the #1 network, CBS, I never thought that would happen. But it was the NAACP awards that let us know we were here. When you get honored by that organization, I’m a lifetime member, and we do represent diversity at CBS so that was amazing.

And then to host the Daytime Emmy Awards, when they ask you to host something — I mean, you’re looking at Tiffany Haddish getting ready to host the MTV Awards, Sheryl Underwood HOSTED the Daytime Emmy Awards, with Mario Lopez, it was amazing It doesn’t get any bigger than that. I look forward to doing more things and people seeing, yeah I can go back in the clubs, I can go back into the hood, do some really hood stuff, because I’m on tour with Corey Holcomb. I can do gigs and then come back here to CBS.

What’s great about this is somebody at CBS saw me and said, ‘Hey, come over here with us,’ and I was like ‘What?!’ Listen, you want to hear the real story?
Somebody was calling me and I was like, ‘It cannot be a white man calling me from CBS. I cussed out Steve Harvey and Jamie Foxx and Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart. I was leaving messages on people’s voicemails talking about ‘Blah, blah, blah, stop calling me playing at being a white man from CBS. Steve was the only one that said, ‘Bleeep, it might be CBS.’ And I called and he was right. Four days later I had a job. This is really a cool situation to be in.

JB/Bossip: Everyone here has great energy

Sheryl Underwood: I’m a Zeta so I got that sisterly love inside of me. And Eve is at our table so we’ve got something young hip and happening…

What’s cool about it, Aisha goes on, she’s doing “Criminal Minds,’ this is a place where careers can grow, so when we see each other thriving and growing, it’s cool, but let me tell you what’s even cooler. I get to sit at a table where I get to talk about buying out a theater so young kids get to see ‘Black Panther’ not once but twice, and then buying out ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ CBS check, that’s money…

The ladies of The Talk on the CBS Television Network. From left, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Julie Chen, shown.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

JB/BOSSIP: Last week on “Desus and Mero” they confused Loni Love with you, or maybe Sherri Shepherd, what do you think about people constantly mistaking the different black daytime hosts for each other? Is it a running joke with you guys?

Sheryl Underwood: We’re all very, very good friends because all of us started in comedy. On the serious tip, that’s the blessing from God that Sherri Shepherd “The View,” Loni Love “The Real,” Sheryl Underwood, Aisha Tyler “The Talk” are comics. Tiffany Haddish is having the career of her life. All of us are comics, comics are doing this.

But I will tell you this, I do use Loni Love’s name. If you catch me out with someone and they’re like ‘Well who are you with Sheryl?’ I’m like ‘I’m not Sheryl, I’m Loni Love.’She’s tall and statuesque and beautiful. And we’re all chocolatey, we’ve all got these great senses of humor. I’ve said this enough times, there’s enough money for everybody. We don’t need to hate on each other, and we don’t. What’s good about me and Loni Love’s relationship, she’s a member of Delta Sigma Theta, I’m a member of Zeta Phi Beta. She came together with us for Sisters in Service, which is also sponsored by CBS affiliates.

I really like that people call us each other’s names. I answer to Sherri Shepherd. I answer to Loni Love. I answer to everything, just as long as I get my check at the end of the week I’m cool. But we do love each other and we’re happy that we’re all thriving and all succeeding. But don’t you think it would be cool if all of us got together as comics and produced our own movies? And produced our own sitcoms and dramas? And wouldn’t it be cool if we remade “The Golden Girls”?

That would be cool right? Make sure to watch Sheryl Underwood on “The Talk” Monday-Friday at 2pm EST on CBS and visit SherylUnderwoodRadio for information on where you can listen to her radio show!



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