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Dr. Gregory Lunceford Says He Was Almost Extorted By A Woman He Took To A Hotel Room

During part 2 of the explosive “Married To Medicine” reunion, one of the husbands dropped a major bomb. As previously reported the reunion’s been filled with tears and faceoffs including DDr. Simone declaring that she’s divorcing her husband Cecil and Mariah Huq and Dr. Heavenly having a screaming match over a vandalized picture.

Now, Dr. G is coming under fire for admitting to some scandalous behavior.

The psychiatrist told the rest of the cast that he was almost extorted by a woman that he took to a hotel room. According to him, however, nothing happened—and he left the hotel room after having a change of heart and IMMEDIATELY went to his wife Ms. Quad for help.
If you ask Quad however that’s simply untrue. Quad says that she heard about her husband’s possible dirty doggin’ via the thirsty trollop on social media after she threatened to expose him on TheShadeRoom with the hotel receipt.

Dr. G: “We met these two girls and we went back to a hotel.”

Quad: “This is how I found out, he didn’t initially tell me first. The girl said she had receipts, she said she was going to TheShadeRoom. Instead of my husband possibly taking a Curtis approach and taking ownership, he blamed it on me and said, “So are you gonna help me or what?”

Dr. G: “If I had done it, I’d have to humble up but I didn’t do it”

SMFH! D.r. G was dead azz wrong for that!

Do you REALLY think nothing happened between Dr. G and the woman? Despite how you might feel about Quad doesn’t she deserve better than that?

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

More on the flip.

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Prior to Dr. G’s bomb, Quad also denied notions that she “doesn’t like her husband.”

Mariah: “Quad, people are saying you don’t like your husband.”

Andy: “Do you like your husband?”

Quad: “I love my husband, I do not like his behavior.”

Contessa: “I’m still noticing it now [their body language], I just feel like they’re so disconnected, I’m just praying for y’all.”

Quad: “We can’t continue the way we’re going and I have been a bit withdrawn. There’s a lot of things that have went on in our marriage that you all have not been privy to.”

Quad’s being praised for keeping her husband’s secret.

You have to give her credit for that when she could’ve easily exposed him herself on national TV.

Quad is reacting to people trying to make her the villain this season.

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