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Nicki Minaj’s Hairstylist Explanation Doesn’t Add Up

What’s going on here?

Yesterday Nicki Minaj blamed her hairstylist for fumbling on the “Motorsport” video, which led her to not show up on shoot day with Cardi B…but something isn’t adding up!

To backtrack:

Folks speculated there was bad blood between the ladies, who recorded separate scenes. Nicki tells the interviewer that she greenlighted the collaboration right away, and that Quavo and Cardi B wanted her to look bad! She then explains their video miss-connection was because of a scheduling conflict with hair stylist Tokyo Stylez, her hair dresser she shares with Cardi B.

Nicki says Tokyo can attest to that, and there wasn’t any “beef” or refusal to film together…

Cardi B even says she heard Nicki had to reschedule and says there wasn’t any upset over her absence. Does it sound like Cardi B is sabotaging Nicki to you??

But wayment…we found out who did Cardi B AND Nicki’s hair for the video shoot and NEITHER of them used Tokyo Stylez…Hit the flip to see.

Cardi B rocked an indigo lacefront wig, installed by “Hair by Fran”…and remember the pink braids Nicki rocked? Kim Kimble, Beyonce’s hair braider did them.

Nicki almost sounded like she had to reschedule with Tokyo to make sure her hair was slayed, but she didn’t even use him that day. Maybe Nicki used Kim Kimble as a back up after Tokyo cancelled a few times???

Anywho, we’re far from done! After the interview, Nicki still took issue with how Cardi B answered questions when asked about their collab.

Here is the interview where Cardi B speaks on Nicki, saying she doesn’t want to get into details but she called Nicki a big artist and says the track a “perfect opportunity”.

Did you hear Cardi B mention that Nicki changed her verse? Welp here is the OG version….Where she mentions Cardi B being a quarterback and she’s her coach:

Interesting stuff right? Nicki responded to this old interview with Cardi B in a tweet yesterday…

What’s the solution here, sis???? How do you think this will all end BOSSIP fam?

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