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Remy Ma’s future husband and fellow MC Papoose is being sued by the founder of the Bed-Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corp. says, “he probably hasn’t got much, but we’ll sue anyway. Our image is everything to us.” Click here to read exactly why he is getting sued.

Click Here to read a bizarre story on a woman being stabbed for talking during an episode of America’s Next Top Model.

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  • Lauren


  • DaPrezident

    Top 5

    Stupid sh*t I tellz ya

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    ok i dont understand …what happened?

  • Suga Mo

    Sh*t is tyra’ show really that good…LOl I hope they find her.

    And they Papoose thingis just a stupid waste of time and money.

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    ok i c i thought it was saying he stabbed the lady for talikin too much on american top model

  • Lauren

    Okay they stabbed this grown woman because she was talking during a TV show??? Who care if it was ANTM….They should feel stupid since that show is hella boring anyway!

  • Nik

    Tyra looks mannish in the face in that photo.

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    but i still dont c why they are suing him

  • Lauren


  • I'm Just Me

    @ Lauren


    Okay so why is Papoose claming to be the king of NY or some shyt. He need to sit his hoe @$$ down with that one! What the f*ck eva!

    I agree that he shouldn’t have lied to the people about what he was using them for in the video. That is sad…but on another note BSVAC should have investigated further. You know Papoose is up to no good 😦

    What the hell is going on that people are fighting over what is being shown on Tyra…or the fact they couldn’t hear Tyra. Whatever


  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    it cant be that serious to stab somebody for talkin during the show… who doesnt talk during any show…nhell my mama neva shut up during any show

  • http://www.myspace.com/shamecatierrajackson ms meca

    @im just me

    What the hell is going on that people are fighting over what is being shown on Tyra…or the fact they couldn’t hear Tyra. Whatever



  • Lauren

    @ I’M JUST ME….Morning boo! How was your weekend??+

  • bree

    not to be confused with a geico

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    He looks like Ronnie from New Edition/BBD…LMAO!

  • mojojojo195



  • lusciouslipps

    WTF!!! This is some stupid ish!

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Lauren…my weekend was great!!

    How was urs?

  • Lonely Dude

    Life could be worse I guess, you could be an egg.

    You only get smashed once.

    You only get laid once.

    And the only female that sits on your face is your mom!

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    WOooooW….WHat has the world come 2?

  • hottie504

    ish gets real in behind Top Model hun haha.

  • Kamee'

    This is what happens when this is the biggest thing going on in ghetto folks world….. Dam Shame!

    I bet they were pilled around a 19inch Tube style TV in the projects with brick walls eating hamburger meat nachos and drinking Kool-Aid….. LOL

  • BadNewsBrown

    all i could do is stare at the screen readin that stabbing story. its that serious. ??

  • JorgeOoOoOo

    The papoose story is confusing…how do the EMT’s not know what the hell the song is about when in the video he is rapping right in front of them. Usually for a video shoot they have a playback track that he lip-syncs to so they couldnt hear the lyrics? People are sue happy now a days.

  • http://www.flyygurl.blogspot.com Ash

    ok, this is bad, but this is also kinda hilarious.

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