Exclusive: “Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s” Charmaine Talks Ryan’s Beige Rage, Her New Natural Look And Whether She Got Knifed Up

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Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Charmaine Talks About Her Evolution And Ryan’s Toxic Attack On 9 Mag

If you’ve already seen the supertrailer for Season 4 of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” then you probably have a pretty good idea about just how crazy things have gotten for the 9 Mag crew… We chopped it up with Charmaine about the new season, her new look and the real on Ryan as well as whether or not she went under the knife… Check out our Q&A when you continue.

BOSSIP: You have a new look for Season 4, let’s talk about it!

Charmaine: Even with all the drama that’s going on this season, my new look is the hardest thing that I have ever dealt with when it comes to black girl hair! So I’m natural now.

BOSSIP: Congratulations.

Charmaine: See! The fact that you have to congratulate a black girl on wearing her own hair, you know it’s a job. Don’t get me wrong, I wore weaves all through college… but I found myself not being comfortable with my own hair. I found myself not knowing how to even do my own hair and as a black woman that doesn’t even make sense. My childhood was spent in the kitchen with a hot comb and my mom, you know, figuring out how to do my hair.

Also now that I’m on the radio, I do a lot of things in the community and all these young black girls, they’re like 9 and 10-years-old, have natural hair and I felt like when they look at me I want them to see themselves in me. It’s bigger than me not knowing how to do my hair. It’s a purpose and I’m rocking with it. Every once in awhile I’ll throw in some clip-ins when I need to, but other than that I am rocking my natural hair.

I have to twist it up every day because I don’t have that wash and go type hair… You just gotta figure it out. I love being natural now because I feel like young black girls can look at me as a role model, and I don’t look like every girl on tv with the red hair, with the blue hair, with the green hair. I just wanted to go back to something realistic for the children out there.

BOSSIP: You gotta love yourself. Speaking of which, your man is in Africa right now. How has that been going?

Charmaine: You know! Facetime. We good. We get to see each other. He is very accessible. Him being in Africa and everything he is doing over there is great. He created a weather station in an area where they didn’t have that. He is in Buea, Cameroon. It has definitely been a growing experience for both of us, but it brings us closer for sure.

BOSSIP: Do you regret proposing to Neek? Did you catch any flak?

Charmaine: I was drunk and desperate. I didn’t catch any flak. He understood. He thought it was cute, but he was like ‘Girl get up. You ain’t gotta do all that. If anybody is proposing to anybody I am gonna be proposing to you so don’t bruise your knee.’ We wear our rings on our right hand. They are love rings and it just keeps us remembering what we have.

BOSSIP: We’ve devoted several posts to you and your BAWWWDY… We know you had cool sculpting but eople want to know if you’ve had other work done.

Charmaine: So the cool sculpting definitely works, but I am all about keeping it 100 for all my girls out there. There are a lot of girls out there who will never say they had plastic surgery when they are looking perfect, while there are tons of women out there that don’t look like that and it doesn’t make sense… So yeah, girl I had to go get me some lipo.

I did not put it [the fat] anywhere. My booty, that’s all me. We can thank my Mama. It looks a lot bigger because my waist is so small now. My FUPA was strong it was definitely strong. It was growing a muscle and I had to get it removed.

Now I just feel normal. I’m not self-conscious. The third season, I was so self-conscious. It’s not really anything that resonated on camera, but you know as a woman I already had to worry about the way my hair looks and I didn’t want to have to focus on my body and how uncomfortable I was. Now that’s just the last thing I am thinking of. It’s just so crazy because it used to be the only thing I was thinking of.

I would take pictures and post them on Instagram shouting out the jumpsuit I was wearing, but nobody was talking about the jumpsuit. It was like, ‘Charmaine you’re gaining weight. You’re getting fat.’ It was a decision I had to make. I’m a naturally thick girl. I can eat healthy but if I’m not vegan or something, I don’t think it’d work. Now I feel better. I feel comfortable and I didn’t go the extra mile and put something in my butt. I already naturally have that shape and I don’t want to look like every other girl out there who buys her body. No disrespect to that. They look good, but they all look the same. It’s not something I feel like everybody has to do.

Are you surprised by Charmaine’s admission or did you already suspect as much?

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BOSSIP: The supertrailer shows Ryan saying he can’t be in that toxic environment anymore. Do you see his side at all? Have you spoken to Ryan?

Charmaine: In all honesty, I know a lot of people can look at it like sides, but I am gonna move the best way for me. It’s crazy because Ryan and my boyfriend are still cool. Everybody feels differently, but I felt like Ryan was the toxic situation so I can agree with him that I don’t really want to be in a toxic situation either. We really don’t talk, we don’t see each other, we don’t follow each other on social media, but people have their ups and downs and you never know whats gonna happen in the future, but right now it’s definitely no communication between him and me.

BOSSIP: We’ve been hearing rumors that Ryan and Rachel have broken up. Do you know if there is any truth to that?

Charmaine: I be hearing them same rumors too, but you know — I don’t know girl, I don’t know. They have a lot of history. I’ve heard the same thing, but then she’ll be supporting him at events and stuff, which is good but I just don’t know what’s real and not real — if they are putting on a front for the people or just going through things like couples do. Good question.

BOSSIP: Do you think if Ryan called his new shop something besides 9 Mag it would have caused less issues?

Charmaine: 9Mag is Ryan’s. That name belongs to Ryan so that wasn’t the issue. The issue was what happened in our tattoo shop that made him move on to the next thing. The issue is going on social media talking isht. The issue ain’t the tattoo shop. I can only speak for me, but I feel more positive in the space we are in now than I did when we were involved with Ryan, but we totally wish him the best. It didn’t work out with us, but we hope it works out for him in whatever he chooses to do. We just have to move forward and do what we have to do.

BOSSIP: Has falling out with Ryan brought the rest of the crew closer? We notice you and Ashley seemed to be on much better terms last season.

Charmaine: A lot of things were brought into perspective after Ryan left. Both good and bad. Me and Ashley definitely — I fu** with Ashley and I think the same goes vice versa. I don’t have any ill will towards her. She knows what’s up. As far as Don, I’m sure back in the day she totally didn’t even trust Don around me, as opposed to now — like I’m watching DJ.

Also, the situation and the pressure we are still under because of how Ryan left, I think that it didn’t necessarily bring us closer. It erupted. It was like a volcano erupting and now we have all this hot lava burning down and we are in the cleanup stage trying to rebuild. I think we are moving toward people getting back on the same page as Day 1. The end goal is for us to trust each other, work together and be happy about our team and believe in our vision. We lost that completely and are in the rebuilding phase.

BOSSIP: What was the biggest surprise to you this season?

Charmaine: You see it in the super trailer when Ryan shot up the location. You mad about whatever, it could be Kat, it could be us or whatever you mad at, but did you really have to do the MOST? That was the biggest thing. I didn’t see that coming. You did not have to take the actions that you took. Now everything has consequences and we are all dealing with it. He put us in a position that we gotta save ourselves from. I did not know it was that bad or was gonna get that bad for him to do what he did.

BOSSIP: Do you think the tv cameras escalating the issues?

Charmaine: They didn’t escalate the situation. They escalate our lives. We are all dealing with the same thing. That doesn’t make it okay. Tv isn’t easy, it’s definitely really really rough. We are putting our lives out there for all y’all to see and sometimes we have to be in situations where people be popping up from your past or whatever. It’s definitely a lot to deal with but at the end of the day, people gotta remember their blessing. Tv is hard but it’s a big blessing too. If it wasn’t for TV I wouldn’t be on the radio. They wouldn’t know who I am. I just keep those things in mind.

BOSSIP: Any last words for your viewers or rumors that need to be addressed?

Charmaine: I want everyone to tune in Wednedsday because it’s our best season yet. It’s probably gonna be hard for a lot of people to watch because things are so different. And no I don’t have any rumors. My body is real except my stomach. My stomach is fake but my booty is real!

WELP… There you have it. Will you be watching “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” this season? The first episode of Season 4 airs on VH1 at 8pm EST/7pm CST.

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