JAY-Z is a Mason… What Does This Mean???

- By Bossip Staff

There is some controversy over a line from Jay-Z’s Run This Town lyrics. Some people suggest that he is referencing Masons. Well, we found out exactly what he’s speaking of when he says:

Run This Town:
Peace God… Uh! Uh! And ain’t nobody fresher, I’m in Maison Uh! Martin Margiela

Pop it to See What He’s Talking About

Maison Martin Margiela is a clothing line. Actually, it’s one of Jay-Z’s favorite lines. The owner Martin Margiela has been in the fashion business since 1980, designing for lines such as Jean Paul Gaultier, his own and Hermès women’s line. He has helped turn the world of fashion upside-down with eccentric designs.

Martin Margiela and the Antwerp Six would carry on the work, revolting against the luxurious fashion world with garments of oversized proportions such as long arms, and with linings, seams and hems on the outside. The concept of deconstruction is important for the understanding of Martin Margiela’s fashion statement. Margiela famously redesigns by hand objects such as old wigs, canvases and silk scarves into couture garments.

He has never been a photographer and always keeps a low profile; they say he always remains backstage during all of his fashion events.

Maison Martin Margiela’s ultra-discreet trademark consists of a piece of cloth with the numbers 0-23. The badge is attached to the inside with its four little white pick stitches, exposed to the outside on unlined garments.

So, now maybe a lot of the rumors can be put to rest about Jay-Z being a “MASON.”

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  • The fwesh pwince™


  • The fwesh pwince™

    Oh, my bad.


    When you wear those frames…where does your nose go?


    Yeah, your bad indeed…

  • The fwesh pwince™

    Whatever. Still won’t make me listen to his music ever again.

  • Angee

    The naysayer’s will not believe this.



  • GoodKarma4Me

    Jay z is the anti-christ not Obama

  • Queen T

    I’m so glad that someone finally actually did research!!! You know, instead of telling us what someone is or isn’t based on what they they “heard”!

  • The fwesh pwince™


    I come in peace ma.

  • KatrinaME

    Are you kidding me? Was there really a conversation about whether or not HOV is a Mason. C’mon man. Not saying he couldn’t be but use context clues: It’s almost always about the shoes. [sigh]

  • chocolateduchess

    Masons does believe in God…in order to be a mason you have to believe in a higher being….

  • KMB926

    Hopefully he isn’t one. I’ve heard some interesting things about freemasonry, don’t know if they’re true or not but that’s not something I’d ever indulge in SMH

  • dayg715

    why are people so quick to dismiss a certain theory as ‘conspiracy nut jobs’? all fiction is based on some form of fact, remember that.

  • that's me

    those are the new roc kicks hov got on his feet. i got a pair, only $50.00. you’ll better jump on them.

  • Inglewood Hustle

    That explanation doesn’t clear up shit!

    Maison shoes…please.

    Not everyone’s stupid enough to believe that excuse, especially with crazy lyrics from other songs on his cd’s.

    Try again.

  • Choco

    So What!

  • Lil Ms. Phyre

    the ones who claim to be AWAKE are still snoozing.

  • Mizz London

    FIASCO you the only person I seen on this damn website wit there eyes wide open, the rest of you need to wise up and stop being a damn sheep!


    Get to questioning Beyonce too.She wants to walk around in a devil costume like it’s holloween put her on blast too.don’t just put Jay-Z out there the list goes on and on put Kanye on blast also with his nutty ass.

  • Endya

    naw he’s still a Mason. Don’t fall for the okeey doke.

  • http://Bossip For the last time Masons have the right to worship the relegion of their choice

    So don’t try to act like Masons are all good.ONE MORE TIME Masons have the right to worship whatever God they want so the devil is included.During the ceromony you go to the alter and bow to the god of your choice.So satan is included in Masons.

  • Jade Silver

    @ Slide… LOL. How are you?
    I don’t think anyone is trying to shove their beliefs down anyone’s throat. There’ll always be two sides to every story so whatever you believe is what you believe and that’s that. We will all stand infront of our maker and answer for ourselves.

  • lollipoplollipopohlolliloollipop

    i thought this was gonna be another jayz hate post…

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