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Ta’kari Lee Talks Being Evicted By Jackie Christie, Sketchy Way Dying Grandmother Was Portrayed On TV

Ta’Kari Lee sat down with Hollywood Unlocked to talk about her strained relationship with her mom, Basketball Wive’s Jackie Christie, began. She claims she doesn’t know WHY Jackie didn’t raise her (leaving her with her grandma until she was 9) or why there’s still so much denial on Jackie’s end about their checkered past.

She credits her grandmother for picking up Jackie’s slack, even though Jackie “disrespected” her on her death bed. Ta’kari says Jackie gave the matriach a lackluster funeral. Wowzers.

Ta’Kari on Jackie allegedly using her mother’s death for television:

Interviewer: You even went in on your book saying your mom capitalizing off your mother’s death.

Ta’kari: Yea, definitely. My mom was not involved with my grandmother’s illness. She live in a house and she felt like my mom was avoiding her. In the episode, she’s not even awake. It didn’t air until after she passed. It was really hard to watch that.

On Jackie Christie evicting her when her second son was just 2 months old:

Ta’Kari: I was staying in a rental property of my mom’s for like, a year. And one day there’s a knock at the door and it’s all my aunts and their husbands. They have trash bags and they’re like “we’re here to help you…your mom said come help you pack, the bank is taking the house in the morning. My second son was two months old.

Interviewer: You were being evicted by your mom and you didn’t know?

Ta’Kari: Yes. They ended up sweeping our stuff into trash bags, throwing this in the back on this Uhaul.


Ta’kari, who is is 70% deaf in one ear and 30% deaf in the other spoke accepting her speech impediment:

It was hard. I’m just no comfortable speaking in the last year or so. It makes me feel very different, but that the same time, it’s ME.

Ta’kari speaks about cutting herself and leaving a suicide note around 11-years-old:

Around 11 or 12…it was bad. I didn’t want to wake up in the morning. I just didn’t wanna be seen. I don’t still have them (suicide letters), but I remember the first one I wrote: “My very last breath, I’m leaving it for my grandmother”.

This is so sad!


Ta’kari says she tells her story to get ahead of Jackie’s lies. What are YOUR thought on all of this?




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