Messy Mommy Daughter Beef: Jackie Christie’s Daughter Responds To Rumors She Blew 19K On Drugs

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Ta’Kari Lee Claps Back At Jackie Christie

Remember when we told you that Jackie Christie aired out her daughter Ta’Kari Lee on The Breakfast Club, for allegedly blowing $19,000 donated by strangers on weed and tennis shoes???

Well her daughter’s got a response.

Shortly after Jackie appeared on the morning radio show, her estranged offspring called in to speak with Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy to tell her side of the story.
According to Ta’Kari she hasn’t been in the same room with her mom in 6 years and they never had a close relationship. Oh and those claims that she spent the $19,000 donated to her via GoFundMe on drugs and tennis shoes? Laughable.

On her relationship with Jackie:

“I haven’t spoken to my mom in months,” said Ta’Kari. “This has been something from birth. We just didn’t get that bond, that’s what I think it is. I have my children, I have bonds with my children. I think that bond was missed. I was with my grandma from day one, almost to a certain age, before I even lived with my mom. […] I haven’t spent a birthday, I haven’t spent a holiday. I haven’t been around them,” she added.

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On the GoFundMe:

“The GoFundMe I couldn’t do anything, I was in the hospital with my 8-month-old baby. I didn’t do anything, it was concerned family [who did it], they made the GoFundMe. We didn’t have no time for no extra drama.”

On her boyfriend allegedly spending the $19,000 GoFundMe money on sneakers and weed:

“I’ve been with the same person for 11 years, nobody did anything to the money especially not buying drugs and sneakers.”

Do YOU believe Ta’Kari??? Furthermore, do you think it’s time she and her mother settled their messy mother daughter beef???

More on the flip.

Ta’Kari on her tell-all book:

“I’m not writing a book because I’m suffering from depression,” said Ta’Kari. “I love my mom, I always will. I will always be respectful when she reaches out to me.”

“It’s my story, I have no reason to lie. There’s nothing in that book that I haven’t spoken to my mom about. Especially not based on how I feel at some point in my life.”

On being in Jackie and Doug Christie’s will for $8 million:

“I never had that conversation with my mom,” said Ta’Kari. “That wouldn’t even be a thought of mine. I’d be in shock if I was in anything, especially at this point.”


Jackie recently said that she had no interest in bringing Ta’Kari on “Basketball Wives” alongside Evelyn.

“I’m not interested in any way shape or form in entertaining this bogus behavior between the two of them,” Jackie told VH1.

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