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Syracuse University Suspends Racist Frat Members Indefinitely

At some point the bill comes due and 16 slur spewin’ frat boys have just paid the tab.

According to Refinery29, Syracuse University has suspended 16 members of the Theta Tau fraternity for a racist video that we reported on earlier this year.

In one scene of the video, a member was seen on his knees, fellating a beer can while saying:

“I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n——, s—-, and most importantly the f***ing k—-.”

While the frat has been permanently banned from campus, the students’ indefinite suspension will last at least until 2020 when they will all have to reapply after demonstrating gainful employment, academic progress, good citizenship, 160 hours of community service and a 12 page paper on diversity and inclusion.

Seems very unlikely that any of the 16 boys will complete these tasks but we shall see.

Despite this, there is always some d-bag who is willing to cape up for people who do racist things against minorities. In this case, FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:

“When a university expels students for a private roast consisting of completely protected speech, it has no business pretending that it cares about free expression,” director Ari Cohn said in a statement. “Labeling this obvious satire ‘harassment’ makes light of the actual cases of serious harassment that colleges should be looking to combat, and wastes resources that could be used to investigate real offenses. Labeling it a ‘breach of the peace’ is just stupid.”

Mmmm, white tears. Tasty.


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