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Messy, messy, messy…

Evelyn Lozada Reacts To Tami Roman & Jennifer Williams’ Shaunie O’Neal Rumor

Some sophomoric shenanigans went down on VH1 last night that have the whole internet talking.

If you tuned into Basketball Wives then you no doubt saw the moment that Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman faced off over a year-old rumor about Evelyn Lozada doing something SUPER shady to a close friend.

During the episode, Tami planned a retreat after meeting with her spiritual advisor John Gray and his wife and planned on making the ladies “say something nice” about each other.
The retreat seemed to be a farce however and a way for Tami to force Evelyn’s friend Jennifer to drop a bomb about Evelyn possibly sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex.

Jennifer Williams: “Tami and I had a conversation about Evelyn sleeping with your ex.”

Evelyn Lozada: “Shaunie I swear on my kids [I didn’t]…call him right now.”

Wow, so low!

Evelyn’s since reacted on Twitter and she’s blasting Tami for being “evil” and trying to ruin her friendship.

Something’s not right here, if Tami is Shaunie’s friend, why’d she wait till RIGHT NOW to tell her???

More on the flip.

Eve also shunned Jenn AND Tami for bringing the rumor to light without thinking about how it would affect Shaunie, Shaunie’s ex-husband Shaq and their children.

People are convinced that while VH1 bleeped out the name, the rumor’s about Evelyn sleeping with Shaq.

Jennifer Williams is admitting being a fault for participating in the rumor.

Next episode Evelyn and Tami will face off and Tami will accuse Eve of “lying on” Chad Johnson. Chad and Evelyn divorced back in 2012 after he headbutted her leaving a bloody gash. 

“You know you was fighting that man all along,” said Tami accusing Eve of playing a part in the violence.

Eve also said Tammy’s a fraud.

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Eve is reassuring Shaunie that she’s her friend.



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