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Where is Zena Foster???

Tamar Braxton And Tank Beef Over Tamar’s Tour Band

Now, THIS is messy.

Tamar Braxton is currently BIG MAD at fellow R&B star Tank after he came to the defense of her now defunct band.

If you follow Tamar on social media you might’ve seen her shadily announce that she fired her ENTIRE tour band because they missed a show date—and allegedly went to the Essence Music Festival instead.

Not only that, Tamar continued to troll her ex-band members by sharing text messages and screenshots of their convos on her Insta-Story.

Tamar’s petty actions apparently rubbed Tank the wrong way and jumped to the band’s defense, jokingly telling the world and his “sis” Tamar that he was holding them hostage.

“I have the band and I’m not letting them go!… On some real s*** though sis don’t attack these kids on social media.” He claimed “they’d never intentionally miss a gig” and added, “if someone in your camp is telling you something different, which i know they are, it’s a lie.”

Unfortunately Tank’s diplomatic approach didn’t work with Tamar and she “lies you tell” taunted “Sweet Tank” for jumping in and for that “Breakfast Club” interview where he admitted that he likes when his woman—-uhhhh—“dines on his behind.”

“It was unprofessional to miss my show. How about you “protect” your own business suga…worry about THAT sweet Tank,” wrote Tamar. “In my opinion, this was a bitch a** move but you do like to have your a** ate. Miss me with that B.S.”

Well damn Tamar!

Tank (of course) responded and the pettiness continued.

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Hit the flip to see Tank’s response and his shade to Tamar over her divorce.

Tank claims he was just “defending his boys” and urged Tamar not to get out of character—before he added that he talked to her maybe husband Vince and addded a note about her “nasty a**.”

“I’m not fearful of evil and I will not stand by and let bad intentions ride!” responded Tank. “You won’t win this one because I can show text messages between them and your husband. At least I think he’s your husband… Don’t get out of character because no one will eat yo nasty a**.”


A BIG mad Tamar then responded and said that Tank’s cheating on Zena Foster before adding that he’s a “true QUEEN.”


“I’ve ALREADY won! That’s what winners do!!!…lets not get into relationship status!! I’m sure you would like to be a husband, but how do you tell your girlfriend about your wife I have the REAL receipts cause it happened to ME not YOU and guess what? It is what it is!! I’m over and done with it and I’m going to say this one more time STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!! You are completely OUT OF ORDER!! Only a true QUEEN would call a woman nasty. Smh.”

Neither Tank nor Zena responded to Tamar’s cheating claims.

Hopefully, Tank and Tamar hopped on a phone call by now to settle all this R & Beef.

Whose side are you on? Tamar’s or Tank’s???

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