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McClure Family Discusses Justin’s Racist Tweets

The parents of the youtube famous McClure twins are getting ahead of the headlines, and addressing Justin Mcclure’s racist resurfaced tweets.

Justin owns that his old tweets were racist and that it was before he met Ami and learned more about the world and how his “jokes” were hurting people of color. The video gets raw, Ami even sheds tears while discussing the topic of race, feelings of hate towards other races and forgiveness.

Previously, Justin said he came from a small Ku Klux Klan ran town in Georgia in their “Why I Married Outside My Race” video. It wasn’t until he travelled, he realized the town was racist and began to make changes to his character.

In another interesting tidbit, in the beginning of the vlog, Ami reveals she met Justin in 2014, a year after the twins were born.

“I wanna make it clear that I was just as shocked and surprised at those tweets. I did not know Justin then. I met Justin in 2014. We did not start anything on social media until 2016. I know there is a gap there, that will be explained in a separate video”

The twins were born in 2013.

Peep the whole discussion:

To their credit, the parents and even the twins addressed all aspects of this issue from parenting to their relationship without sugar-coating. Heavy stuff!

Ami said she would address how Justin came into their lives, and we did some snooping to find out she was previously married. Hit the flip to see the girls’ biological father after the flip.



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