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Shiggy Addresses Rumors Drake Paid Him $250k For #InMyFeelings Challenge

IG comedian Shiggy started a near-omnipresent dance challenge craze and simultaneously made everyone sick of hearing the nickname “KiKi” within just two weeks of the release of Drake’s track “In My Feelings” from his new album, ‘Scorpion.’

Needless to say, his involvement helped boost the song to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the first week. Naturally, Drake thanked Shiggy profusely in his most recent accent when the two met up for celebratory drinks at a club the other night.

But that public meeting got tongues wagging and memes made claiming that Drake also came out of pocket and thanked Shiggy monetarily for keeping him on top…specifically to the tune of a quarter million dollars.

Damn, we should all start a silly dance challenge from tracks off the album if Drake is dropping lotto-level money on people in return!!

But wait..Shiggy himself says that’s just a rumor, and if there’s $250k in Drizzy dollars out there, he doesn’t have his hands on it. Take a look at what he had to say about the chatter on IG Live…


“$250,000? What kind of sh*t is going on, man?

You think he walking around with a checkbook in the club?”

Shiggy also points out that the club was the first time he had ever met Drake, so it’s highly unlikely cash would change hands so quickly. Of course, Drake claims he only met former vixen Sophie Brusaux twice, and she managed to get an entire baby out of him, so….stranger things have happened.

Okay, so it isn’t true. But we doubt that Shiggy would feel like it was the worst idea…



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