Bossip Exclusive: Who Is Steph Jones???

- By Bossip Staff

We chopped it up with our boy Steph Jones over the weekend wondering if he has what it takes to bring real R&B back. You may think Steph is a rapper because he used to be signed to DTP Records and had the song out with Ludacris and Chingy, but no.

Steph is much more than Jordin Sparks’ boy, and as a matter of fact, his own independent mixtape was just released yesterday, Gravity.

BOSSIP: Are you still soaking up Jordin Sparks thick panties?

BOSSIP: Tell us about yourself Steph.

Steph Jones: What most people don’t know about me is that I did 25 months in a French jail,  my father was killed when I was 12 in a drug deal out in Texas, 3rd Ward, where we are originally from, plus I was a signed Tommy Hilfiger and Ford model. I am born and raised inside of music. We are a pretty typical black family, you know?

BOSSIP: Pretty typical Cali family, we know that for sure. OK, so your music is eclectic and you are not your run of the mill brother. Some may even call your steez “soft.” Want to defend yourself?

Steph Jones: My mom raised us surrounded by all kinds of music and influences.From Sinatra to Harry Belafonte. I also don’t believe in excuses and that is what makes me a go-getter. Being a victim and living in that alone can lead to one’s demise. When I was a kid I was the weird one. I have always tried to be different, so when people take notice to that… I’m cool with it.

BOSSIP: Change lanes here; what’s up with you and Jordin Sparks???

Steph Jones: What’s up with her? I am married to music.

BOSSIP: Are you still soaking up her thick panties?

Steph Jones: We still together… as a team. You can’t do this game yourself. It’s like Michael Jordan needed Pippen.

BOSSIP: (SMH) What did she think of the article we did previously where we spotted you with the white girl after the BET Awards??

Steph Jones: She laughed and I laughed. You cats are comedy. That was just a fan. Let’s talk about the ladies…

BOSSIP: OK. What’s up with the ladies? How do you like them? We all know Jordin is a big girl… are you into the thickens?

Steph Jones: I am into women. I respect strong women. I can see some kind of beauty in all of them. It doesn’t matter if they are short, tall, skinny, or thick. Women can be themselves around me… it’s OK. My momma taught me well when it comes to ladies.

BOSSIP: Nice. Who are some of the baddest women in the game?

Steph Jones: Erykah Badu, Beyonce, Jordin… hell, there are a load of them out there.

BOSSIP: What about your music and this mixtape, Gravity?

Steph Jones: It’s music that we did personally. I feel that the soul of music is being sucked out of it right now. The name “Gravity” is to signify me trying to bring it back down, down to the roots. I am in the studio all day working. This mixtape is just a sample of my actual talent and where it is going.

BOSSIP: Cool Steph. What’s your first single?

Steph Jones: “You’re So Delicious” I am hoping the ladies love it. The reviews have already been good.



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