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#BlackInkCrewCHI’s Junior Tries To Set Record Straight About Hitting Reese…But He Was Still Fired

Last night’s Black Ink Crew Chicago episode was a whole island MESS. A literally street fight broke out between the two shops, Loyal Ink and 9Mag and it seemed to pop off because of exes Lily and Junior. Lily stalled off on Junior’s girl Adriana, who she said was ‘talking sh*t” on social media about her. Apparently, the girl was living with Junior while they were messing around last season…

In any case, the fight got super NASTY when newcomer Reese (Lily’s girl) got her hair pulled in the melee and punched in the face two times. She wailed, claiming it was Junior who did it. In response, Don hemmed Junior up like a kid and told him to stop hitting women.

At the end of the scuffle, Junior and his chick had fought with security, and Jr.’s belligerent behavior worsened at the house. This crazy night in Jamaica actually costed him his job. But Junior says “not so fast!”

The tattoo artist claims he NEVER hit Reese, and he’s slowing down the footage to PROVE it. Swipe and take a look at the video…

Do you see what Junior sees??? A fan of the show actually presented her own slowed down footage to debunk Reese’s claims Junior hit her, take a look.

Do YOU think the videos prove Junior is innocent of hitting Reese?

Adriana, Juniors girlfriend and Lily have more to say, after the flip.



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