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Blac Chyna’s Rear-End Seems To have Shrunk

A recent photo of Blac Chyna has everyone speculating over the state of her famous rear-end. The star was photographed on Friday looking a lot less plump than usual, which is especially apparent when put in a side-by-side of her usual leg-to-azz ratio.

Take a look at the photo in question:

Fans are wondering if Blac Chyna’s butt implants have been removed, which seems to be more on-trend lately than it ever was. K. Michelle has been very open about her road to recovery following her butt enhancements and the removal of them, so it wouldn’t be too crazy if someone like Chyna followed in her footsteps.

It wasn’t just the paparazzi picture that had people wondering, either. A boomerang that Chyna herself posted on Saturday just added more fuel to the fire, as her body was looking a lot more naturally proportioned than usual.

These two recent pics of Chy seem to confirm the booty deflation, but things are still sort of a mystery.

The next series of images Blac Chyna posted featured her looking more plump like her usual self, which has people questioning the state of her implants entirely…..

Following all of the online rumors, Chyna posted a video on her IG story of her rotating her back, showing off her rear-end up close with the caption, “kiss my a**.” Though her body doesn’t look a whole lot different, all her comments really prove is that she knows people are talking about her, and doesn’t give a damn.

So….Is present-day Chy just arching her back more than usual? Did she go in for a fill after people notices things were looking deflated? Or were the initial photos just misleading lies?

What do y’all think: did Chyna downsize her assets, or is everything looking exactly the same?


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