Put Her In Rice: Nicki Minaj’s Meltdown Continued With A Harriet Tubman Comparison And Another Epic Dragging

- By Bossip Staff
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Nicki Minaj Compared Herself To Harriet Tubman

The Nicki Minaj meltdown tour continues. After blaming her 2nd place album sales on a newborn baby, she doubled down on her stupidity by bringing up Harriet Tubman. And rice. Um. What?

The original tweet confused people enough, then she followed up by comparing herself to Tubman. Because of…streaming links? Someone make it make sense. Because we don’t understand.

Also, Snapple fact: Harriet Tubman never said that. Second, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, NICKI MINAJ?! Jesus. Let’s let Twitter do the dragging because we’re fed TF up.



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