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Cardi B Plays Coretta Scott King In “Off The Rip” Sketch Comedy Series

Now, this is—–interesting. Clips from a Cardi B sketch comedy series have hit the net and they’re raising eyebrows. Bardi’s starring in a Rip Michaels produced comedy show called “Off the Rip” and TMZ’s found clips from the show’s pilot including one called “The Real Housewives Of Civil Rights.”

In it, Cardi plays Coretta Scott King and meets with Betty Shabazz, Rosa Parks—and some random white woman who’s apparently sleeping with Dr. King.

Funny or nah???

Unforunatley not everyone’s loving “Off The Rip”, TMZ also shared a clip of Cardi sharing some “ho etiquette” on the show and detailing how to clean your cooch after having a smash session and preparing for another one. According to Cardi washing up in the sink is called a Puerto Rican bath, a Haitian shower or a Mexican spa day.

The videos’s been called racist by some people but sources close to Cardi say the video’s 3 years old and pre-Cardi’s rap success. They also likened it to the work of other Hispanic comedians like George Lopez.

No word on when comedy’s sketch comedy show will premiere; will YOU be watching???


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