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Nike Signed Kaepernick Believing It Will Improve Business Despite Backlash

Colin Kaepernick‘s big Nike deal has still got mayo-slathered MAGA BIG mad, but the sports apparel company isn’t the slightest bit concerned.

According to TMZ, Nike took a very calculated risk that they feel confident will actually bolster their business despite the backlash.

Sources close to Nike reveal that the company was well-aware that white people all over America would be outraged, but the way they see it, the good will they get from the “urban” community which makes up the large majority of their demographic will keep the registers ringing.

Moreover, Nike sees this signing as part of a long-game that will be the deciding factor in outspoken college athletes signing to them as opposed to Adidas or Under Armour who haven’t shown the willingness to support current social causes. Basically, Nike is giving young athletes the Suge Knight Source Awards speech:

“If you tired of other brands cowing to Donald Trump’s attacks, tired of being told to ‘shut up and dribble’, ready to be ‘more than an athlete’, come to Death Row SWOOSH ROW!”

It is said that Nike is committed to being “a partner social change”.


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