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Police Called On Black University Of Massachusetts Employee

We already know that there are a whole host of things that Black people can’t do in America without some sort of police presence. We can’t BBQ. We can’t swim. We can’t sit NEXT to the pool and recently, we learned that we can’t sit inside of our own homes.

Today, we learn that there is another activity that Black folks partake in that scares the living bejesus out of white people.

Black people who go to the bathroom to urinate or take a number two strike the fear of God into those who descend from the Caucus mountains.

We know this because according to RollingOut, a Black 14-year employee of the University of Massachusetts had the police called on him by an anonymous coward who got spooked when they saw him leaving the bathroom to walk back to work. Reginald Andrade works in the office of disability services and was approached by plain clothes cops with questions. They had questions because that cowardly caller told them that there was a “very agitated” Black man carrying a large duffel bag. There was concern that he may be the next school shooter.

*We* don’t do that.

But the University chief of police Tyrone Parham justified his response:

“One of the things we zoned in on with that message, because we listened to it a couple times, was really the behavior. So it’s not necessarily the description of the person, it was really the behaviors that were exhibited, as to the reasons that we thought we needed to confirm this.”

Let this be a lesson to us all. If you go to the bathroom, you may scare the “anonymous” whites.


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