“Girl We Been Knew”: Amandla Stenberg Tells Seventeen Magazine She Chuckled At People’s Reactions To Her Queer News

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Silja Magg

On what made playing Starr in The Hate U Give special:

“My experiences are really similar to Starr’s. I grew up in a lower-income black community [in Los Angeles], but I went to a white private school across town. I had to do this strange policing of myself to fit in: figure out what the white kids thought was cool and front a little when they talked about their vacations, houses, clothes, technology. Even if it wasn’t their intention, if you couldn’t participate in that culture, you were excluded. I also felt like there was an assumption that I was less smart, so I overcompensated in the classroom. By the end of high school, I’d figured out how to just do me.”

How many of you can relate to this? We’re so excited for this film!

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