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ATLANTA, GA – JULY 23: Nivea attends the screening of Universal Pictures” LUCY at Cinebistro on July 23, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/FilmMagic)

Nivea Gets Raw In New Interview

Nivea is keeping good on her promise and stepping back into the limelight, except this time she has less of a filter.

On “Finding Nivea”, the unsung 36-year-old singer said she went quiet after becoming a mother out of respect for her exes, but a more mature Nivea acknowledges that her story needs to be told in order for her to continue to fulfill her dreams.

In a recent podcast interview with @MrMecc & @K_Lavenne of the M+M+M Show Podcast, Nivea gives fans even more details about the last few years including struggles with drugs, divorcing The Dream without a prenup and she dispels rumors she’s getting enormous amounts of child support from her millionaire baby daddies.

Here are some interesting excerpts from the interview:

On if her relationships with The Dream and Wayne overlapped:

I feel like if I wanna f*ck somebody else, I should be able to [say it]. I don’t believe in creeping. Either I’m cut buddy time or I’m with that person for 100 years. I didn’t speak to Wayne for five years after we were not together and I was married [to The Dream].

Nivea reveals she’s taking a ten year break from relationships

I don’t have time, because I’m really finna give myself in a relationship. I’m exhausted. I’m taking a ten-year break. I’ve been in relationship after relationship, I’m done…I’m getting broke off, but I don’t have time to be your girl, and you be my mine.

On loving her body after children:

Interviewer: It’s a grown woman body, for sure.

Nivea: I got a real body too. I’m getting in the gym so I want to trim, trim, trim. I definitely have a VERY natural body. I love a natural body…I like fake boobs too if they look natural.

Interviewer: So now you’re not going to get a mommy makeover? You’re just going to go to the gym and work everything out?

Nivea: First. And after all of that effort and eating right, then I will. But, I want to go the right way first.



Nivea was just getting warmed up too! Hit the flip to see what else she revealed.

On her child support checks & not having a prenup:

It’s[child support amount] not out there on the internet, but it’s NOT what you think. I’m good, I don’t need to break the bank on your azz, and I wasn’t in the gym with you shooting. They take care of their kids.

I know some b*tches who are not of a certain status who get more than I do…

I didn’t even get half when me and Dream got divorced. I didn’t have a prenup.

Thing get even realer, and the conversation turns into one about recreational drug use.. Hit the flip!

Nivea on Wayne’s alleged drug use:

Wayne didn’t do [drugs] with me. I was younger and didn’t have children, I would’ve loved to experiment. I was doing laundry, giving massages and cooking for that man.

Wayne wants his girl to be clean, “you can’t wear that”. You need to be a sexy little Martha Stewart.

On her own drug use:

Imma be honest. I did everything late. I didn’t smoke weed until 2010, after I stopped breastfeeding Neil. The pill thing I didn’t do. I like to drink so I wouldn’t say no.

I’ve done coke. But, no pills. [Coke] was more of a mental thing, I wanted to be alone, it was a personal drug. I wanted to write…play sudoku.

I had a drug issue at one point, but I don’t want to say [the drug]. I came from an addicted family. The struggle is real.

Why her relationship ended with The Dream:

We were fighting a lot. The industry kind shut us down at one point. But then it switched, he started getting more placements, and “Umbrella” happened. But, having children changes the women and the man DRASTICALLY. Emotionally and mentally.

Interesting right? Hit the flip to hear the entire audio.



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