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Now, THIS is a mess…

Farrah Abraham Blasts Vivica Fox

Farrah Abraham is BIG mad at Vivica Fox after appearing on her talk show. Vivica and several panelists host “Face The Truth”, a CBS syndicated talk show executive produced by Dr. Phil, and one of their recent guests was the “Teen Mom” star.

During the episode, Farrah was confronted amid her mother’s concerns that she’s being a poor example for her 9-year-old daughter and agreed to take a drug test. Vivica herself even seemingly hinted that Farrah could be a cocaine addict by asking, “Why do you keep wiping your nose like that?”

After the drug test came back positive for barbiturates, not cocaine, Farrah claimed that producers set her up and used a fake test.

“She did test positive for barbiturates,” Judge Mary A. Chrzanowski said. “But that could be a prescribed drug. If her doctor legally prescribed barbiturates for her then that’s fine.”

“I don’t think either that’s mine, or if someone switched….I’m so laughing out loud right now. I’m asking you what the hell’s going on?” said Abraham.

Farrah’s since slammed Vivica to Radar Online;

“I was more disappointed over what Vivica had to do in order to get press for her show,” said Farrah. “You have a fake audience. You attack women. Your advice isn’t even credible that you’re giving someone.

“The last thing we need is negativity, derogatory, sex-shaming, sexist behavior and women-hating talk shows,” she added. “If she wants to say I’m trash… I work my a** off! I don’t stop working. That’s way more drive and work than a TV talk show where you do fake TV and cause fake problems.”

She also added that her own doctor tested her and her drug test came back clean. (Sure thing, sis!) She’s since slammed Vivica again, this time on IG:

Vivica isn’t taking Farrah’s comments lying down, see what she thinks on the flip.


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