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Kanye Argues With Kim Over A Bandaid

Oh, the swirl is never easy! Especially when one of the swirlers is YE, formally known as Kanye West.

KimYE is having their share of PETTY af arguments, according to a new teaser for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” In it, Kim Kardashian is venting to her sister Khloe about a really dumb argument she and Kanye recently had and is escalated over BANDAIDS.

Kim says Kanye approached her while she was on her laptop, asking to spend quality time together. But, in a instance adorable little Saint popped in, requesting a bath with mommy. Kim obliged and Kanye was not happy.”You’re going to take a bath with him?!”

Then, Kimmy says they got into a fight over a band-aid. Kimmy went to get YE a band-aid that happened to be a “Jesus” band-aid and this sent Yeezy into a fit because he wanted it to be “skin-color.”

Kanye snapped: “I’ve slaved around the world making clothes for you, to make sure you find the best outfit. And you let me go out wearing a Jesus bandaid???”

Umm, wow! Here’s the clip.


Maybe Kim and YE need to take a bubble bath together like Khloe suggested. Simmer down fool!



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