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Charlie Baltimore’s New Reality Show “Charli Knows Best” Will Premiere On BOSSIP

Charli Baltimore is back from her break out of the spotlight with a new show, a new tour – and is bringing her adult daughters along for the ride.

Femme fatale Baltimore, who was born Tiffany Lane, just wrapped her new show, “Charli Knows Best” which shows a side of her that viewers may have never seen before – a momager. “Charli Knows Best” will follow Charli and her daughters India and Siaani as she helps them launch careers in fashion and entertainment.

The “Down A** Chick” rapper sat down with us to talk about her projects and what she thinks about the new crop of rappers out today.

You can check out a clip of her new show above.

What have you been up to since we last heard from you?
Charlie Baltimore: “After I left Murda Inc I was with a couple of other labels…I did a lot of behind the scenes writing for other artists and I realized I actually preferred that instead of being front and center all the time, and I kind of just fell back and focused on my daughters and their careers, and that’s what got us to this point.”

Tell us about “Charli Knows Best.” What will we get to see?
CB: “It’s really funny, showing you the dynamics between me and my daughters. And I guess with me being such a young mom when I had them, we kind of grew up together. Our relationship can vary from mom and daughter to friends at times. We argue we fight, we make up – whatever! There’s such a bad stigma attached to mothers who had their kids young, like ‘You’re not gonna grow up to be s**t, you’re gonna be on welfare,’ and that’a not true. If you put your mind to something…you can definitely make a way.”



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