Too Far, Sis: Tyson Beckford Is Getting DRAGGED For This Super Lewd IG Pic Of Kim Kardashian

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Tyson Beckford Gets Dragged To Hell

Remember a couple of months ago when Tyson Beckford tried to clown Kim Kardashian’s shape and she responded by insinuating that he was gay? Then Kanye West threatened Beckford to keep Kim’s name out of his mouth. It was all a big drama that seemed to go away. That is until Tyson decided to post a very lewd IG emoji putting an eggplant in Kim’s mouth.

This was a bit too far and it has backfired horribly for Tyson. Kim has yet to respond but the internet is at his neck. Even people who don’t rock with Kim are coming for Tyson for his misogyny. All’s fair in love and war? Not exactly because nobody seems to have the model’s back.

Peep how he’s getting dragged down the runway for his shenanigans.

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Damn, now I really see why Kim called Tyson Beckford a “sis”, he really acts like a female fr fr. 😭😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♀️. But it was quiet for him when Kanye called his ass out. Keep the same energy sis 💅🏽

“Tyson Beckford really going back and fourth with himself.. Kanye already asked you to stop speaking on his wife, I don’t like Koonye, but sis stop putting Kim in your mess. & don’t you bottom for men? @TysonCBeckford”

tyson beckford only brings up kim to try to stay relevant lol kims living her best life in her skinny home in skinny calabasas nothing can ruin her

Tyson Beckford really don’t want those Kardashian/Jenner hands.. especially not from the stans, i know he don’t..


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