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Azealia Banks Bussy Boy Products dishonest review

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Azealia Banks Fan Blasts Her For Selling Allegedly Defective Soap Product, But Is He Telling The Truth?

Azealia Banks might have to gather her lawyers because a fan is threatening to sue over the bizarre allegation her product caused his booty-hole to BURN.

Ever since Azealia Banks’ official twitter account was banned, she has been tweeting from her official merchandise account “CheapyXO”. On her website associated with the twitter, Azealia sells a variety of “skin care” products. Most of these products claim to lighten, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Welp, the angry man, who goes by “ItsShawyane” on twitter, blasted Banks and her “Bussy Boy” product, claiming his butt hole was “covered with sores and welps” because it contained “just bleach”.

Bussy Boy” has very little of a description on her website, but to us, it looks like it’s a soap. The listed ingredients are “witch hazel, coconut oil, lactic acid, vitamin c, and tea tree Oil.” Supposedly, these things caused a customer to injure his balloon knot, and he is livid!

He even posted a photo of his allegedly BURNED anus. We can’t show it here for obvious reasons (you’ll have to flip to the second page), but the injuries do look serious. He wrote:

Filed a law suit against Azealia Banks after using “Bussy Boy” to “lighten & tighten” my butt hole, I was in the shower burning for 3 hours trying to wash it off & my butt hole is now covered with welps and sores! DON’T BUY CHEAPY XO! It is NOT FDA approved! It is just BLEACH!

Yikes! Azealia has responded to this customer’s negative experience. Do you think he was telling the truth??? Hit the flip to find out!

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The claims seem FALSE to us. The “Bruised Boochie” boy claimed Bussy Boy burned him, using this photo as evidence…

BUT, a fan realized it was an image from google! You can see it here. Azealia has since stated she plans to “press charges” over defamation.

Then, a satisfied customer of Banks tweeted he was happy with his clean bussy…

Ay yi yi…what a weird story! What are YOUR thoughts on this???

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