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He Now Faces The Consequences

One Georgia Bulldogs baseball player got the boot from his team due to his alleged racist remarks, according to ESPN.

Adam Sasser, who was one of the Bulldogs’ top hitters, was in the stands at a football game when he allegedly started shouting racial slurs at University of Georgia quarterback Justin Fields. Another student, Klarissa Gulebian, made the accusations against Sasser on Facebook. She said that she and several of her friends were sitting near Sasser during Saturday’s home game against Tennessee. Gulebian said she left to take a phone call during the fourth quarter and when she came back to her seat, a big disturbance involving her friends was happening. Gulebian said she was told that Sasser was making racists remarks and was told to stop.

At first, he obeyed, but then continued on with his insults. Gulebian said she had to get a police officer from the stadium to serve watch over the crowd, so Sasser would stop. “Everyone else around him wasn’t saying anything, just laughing at the situation,” Gulebian said. “So, I involved the police officer and told him there was somebody using racial slurs.”

Another person recounted events that day on Twitter and said someone was using the N-Word (most likely Sasser) and directing it to Justin Fields. The Twitter user @JoGo even said the cop was useless in the situation.


Gulebian also wasn’t satisfied with the officer’s response and that’s why she addressed the situation on Facebook. “We’d seen tweets from other students sitting near us posting about what [Sasser] said,” Gulebian said. “This isn’t the first time this kind of issue has happened on campus, and I didn’t want to let this go unheard. Nothing was being done about these situations, and people aren’t talking about it enough.”

Eventually, one of Gulebian’s friends, Africa Buggs, reached out to the school and baseball coach Scott Stricklin.

Sasser was dismissed from the baseball team and he issued an apology on Wednesday, although he wasn’t specific on what he was apologizing for. He did say him and Justin Fields talked and were on good terms though.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize for my actions at the football game on Saturday,” Sasser posted on Twitter. “I totally understand why my actions were offensive and I am deeply sorry for any pain or distress this has caused anyone.”


Gulebian says she was surprised by the amount of support she received from her Facebook post.

“I thought there’d be a lot more backlash than there is,” she said. “I’ve received a lot of messages from people thanking me for sharing the story because they’ve been through similar things.”



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