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Paris Phillips Responds To K. Michelle

After nearly “drowning” K. Michelle in a pettily wasted cocktail, Paris Phillips is telling her side of the story in that alleged fraud case.
As previously reported K. Michelle’s adamant that her former friend/assistant Paris stole from her and she confronted her on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” with receipts showing $300 in transactions.

Paris, however, claimed that K was lying and she only used her card once to take a $50 Uber ride—although she came with a stack of cash to pay K. Michelle back and settle their score.

That clearly didn’t happen because then a drink was aggressively tossed on Kimberly who worried about her delicate new nose getting destroyed in the melee.

“That b*** almost messed up my new nose!” said K.

K then followed up on her Instagram by posting the receipts she confronted Paris with that showed Uber rides ranging in price from $8 to $81.

“Never ever s*** on someone who fed you and had your back…I can dry off but your thieving spirit will remain.”


Paris has since responded via an Instagram Live where she insisted that she didn’t use K’s Uber account maliciously and claimed that K put the app on her phone herself.

“You really tryna make the world feel that I stole from you,” said Paris. You low, you just different, that’s why I said I feel bad for you. I don’t care about you doing songs about me, you did a diss record about your own sister.

You just a f**** up individual. You just mad because you thought you finished me. It was Uber, you put it on my phone. Had I known you was gonna act like this—I never denied that I used the Uber. I swear I didn’t use it maliciously.”

K. Michelle is reportedly filing charges against Paris for the incident.

Who do YOU believe in this K. Michelle VS Paris Phillips beef? Even if it was just $50 like Paris originally claimed, doesn’t that count as stealing???

K’s not backing down.

K Michelle Paris Fight


K also clapped back on Instagram Live:

“You watched me cry, you watched me lay my head on that table because my friend stole from me but then YOU gonna steal from me some months later but I’m wrong and I’m bad to be hurt by what you did?!” said K.

“It was never just $50, that’s what you made up to you feel better. You still got people thinking I’m bad, I never did nothing to you but help you. First person to put you on TV, everything, pay your rent, everything!”

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