#BlackInkCrew: Everyone Thinks Sky Should Take The Blame For The Big Fight And Police Drama…But Is That Fair?

- By Bossip Staff
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Black Ink Crew Scuffle


Everyone Blames Sky

If you tuned into Black Ink last week then you saw Sky swing on shady, problematic NOLA tattoo artist Herb. He paid her back by clocking her so hard her wig did a 360 over her head. As a result, Ceas and Teddy ran after Herb, jumping him and beating the hell out of him. Clearly he deserved to get hands put on him for hitting a woman and that’s never right. However, should Sky take some blame for the chaos that ensued this week? Police were called. Producers had to try to calm it all down.

But where does Sky’s blame come in? She threw the first punch for…we’re not sure why. Twitter is pretty upset at Sky for initiating the fight and all the madness that came after. What do you think? Is this Sky’s doing? Twitter is split down the middle. Take a look…

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