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Azealia Banks Threatens To Kill Lana Del Rey With Magic

Azealia says she is going to use some of her livestock-sacrificing dark magic to expelliarmus-eviscerate her latest nemesis Lana Del Rey once and for all.

As you know, the two admitted industry witches went at it on social media the other day, when Azealia insulted Lana’s looks and Lana told Azealia she could catch hands anytime she’s ready.

Well, it looks like Azealia is skipping straight past the fighting and pulling a Winifred Sanderson on the matter instead. When a supportive fan tweeted to Azealia not to let Lana “ruin all that she’s worked for,” Azealia responded with this witchcrafty BS:

Honestly, you know The Big Bad Witch is smarter than that. When her house mysteriously goes up in flames while she is asleep inside…I want to see as many #Azealiavoodoo hashtags as possible.

Mind you…Azealia was already threatening to call her lawyers when Lana simply tweeted that she could feel free to pull up and get her azz beat. But here she is two days later, making murderous threats of her own.

Honestly, if Azealia’s cauldron of comeuppance was really that powerful, half the industry’s houses would have been up in flames by now with how often she gets into it with people. We’re guessing Lana will survive this little dustup…but she might want to cast her own little protection spell in the meantime.

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images/Joseph Okpako/Getty Images


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