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Judge Denies Drummer’s Request For Restraining Order Against Beyoncé

Looks like Beyoncé is NOT out here boiling herbs in cauldrons and chanting incantations in the woods as one of her former musicians would have us believe.

If you’ll Kimberly Thompson, who worked as Bey’s drummer during one of her old tours, was adamant that Beyoncé had been using “dark magic” to control her finances, cast sexual molestation spells against her, and even murdered her kitten through witchcraft. She requested a restraining order against Bey to prevent any further hocus pocus.

We’re guessing Bey has been too busy touring the world to cast any spells on this lady anyway. But apparently, Thompson was also too busy to appear in court to get the restraining order solidified last Thursday.

According to Page Six, a Judge was slated to hear Thompson’s side of the story in court at a hearing for the order, but Thompson failed to appear, causing the Judge to dismiss the case altogether. Unsurprisingly, no one even bothered to show to represent Bey in court.

So much for that.

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