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She Says Her Stepdad Confessed When She Was Having Suicidal Thoughts

Despite Tiffany Haddish‘s funny antics, the comedian is not shy about discussing her turbulent past.

In a recent chat with The New York Times, Haddish recalled a period in her life when she was suicidal and it was one admission from her stepdad that supposedly caused her to break the mood. He told Haddish that he once tried to kill her in a car accident that caused severe injuries to her mom.

Tiffany has mentioned many times before that her mother was nearly killed in an accident and the injuries she suffered caused severe brain damage. Her mom experienced long-term mental illness which caused abusive behavior towards Tiffany and her siblings — so much so that Tiffany and her siblings had to be put in foster care.

Along with Tiffany’s rough foster care experience, Haddish also revealed last July that she was raped at age 17 by a man who told her he was a police cadet. This influenced the suicidal thoughts and depression Tiffany experienced in her early 20s while she was trying to kickstart her comedy career.

“I literally wanted to kill myself,” she told The New York Times. “I felt like everything in my life and everybody that came around was out to hurt me.”

These feelings changed at age 21 after her stepdad told her to “buck up” because she should be dead. Haddish says he told her that he cut the breaks in her mom’s car right before the accident that nearly killed her. Her stepdad also allegedly confessed that Tiffany and her siblings should have been in the car when it crashed.

Haddish says to this day, she doesn’t know if her stepfather was bluffing to change her life outlook or if he was telling the truth. Either way, it made Haddish revengeful and she made moves to put him behind bars.

Eventually, her grandmother stepped in and told Tiffany to “let God handle it.”

She headed.

“His life was going really great when I was trying to get revenge,” she said. “As soon as I started doing that, life started kicking him in the ass.”

Meanwhile, it seems like the Girls Trip and Nigh School star is living her best life. Apparently, her grandma was on to something.


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