FDNY fireman sues for racism, discrimination and sexual harassment

Hot Boy Hate: FDNY Fireman Says He Was Demoted From Special Unit Once Colleagues Labeled Him Gay

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FDNY Fireman Sues Department For Racism, Discrimination And Sexual Harassment

When it comes to saving lives, race, sexual preference, religion, over or under toilet paper, none of that should matter, neither for the person being saved nor the person doing the saving.

Unfortunately, a New York firefighter, 40-year-old Jason Johnson, alleges he was ostracized by his unit when they began to suspect he was homosexual according to NYPost. To make matters worse, the “fear” that Johnson may be gay arose after a colleague sexually assaulted him.

The story goes that Johnson was aboard a fire truck back in 2016 after being promoted to a special emergency unit. During the ride Jason Ribisi grabbed his penis, in return, Johnson tried to kiss Ribisi to make him fell “equally uncomfortable”, well…

“For the remainder of the ride, Ribisi and another firefighter made repeated disparaging remarks about Johnson’s perceived homosexual orientation, saying excitedly, ‘You’re gay, you’re gay, we have confirmation!’” according to the suit.

“You weren’t supposed to kiss him. You were supposed to punch him! No straight guy would have kissed him,” another firefighter allegedly said.

These guys sound like 9-year-olds. In a lawsuit, Johnson said he was teased and mocked until he was kicked out the unit in 2017. According to the filing, there were several incidents of harassment including:

-A photo taken of him with a “hey boy” bubble placed over his head

-A Facebook video of him standing near a rainbow flag with the caption: “Now we have official confirmation he is gay,” and “it’s your birthday and you’re a homo.”

-When eating tossed salad the other firefighters would comment: “only gay guys would order salad.”

In addition to the gay jokes, Johnson, a Black man, was told during a water rescue that ““black guys really don’t do well in water”.

No details are available regarding the amount of money that Johnson is seeking, but we hope he wins every red cent.


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