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Cardi B. Vs. The Barbz Destroys Twitter

Cardi B. vs the Barbz round 3,298…Ding ding ding! For the past couple of years there’s been an undercover war brewing between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, which means there’s been an undercover war brewing between Cardi and the Barbz. That war went from undercover to full-on in your face after Cardi and Nicki got into a light kerfuffle at a high-fashion event in New York.

Now the war is on.

Which has all lead to the Barbz allegedly leaking Cardi’s newest single, “Money” in retaliation for Cardi fans allegedly leaking “Ganja Burn.” This is getting ugly. Cardi took to IG Live to address the issue:

“I tried to retract it, but, you know, the Barbz…They always posting me. They always post whatever I do, you know what I’m saying? They claim they hate me but they really love me. Because they be on my page before my fans. Everything that I do, they be on it before my fans. So clearly, that seems like love to me. Seems like you love me. So it’s like f*** it, I can’t retract it, I might as well put it out.

“…So I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you. I don’t give a f*** if I said it, I say what I wanna say. I’m sick and tired of fucking lying about it, about certain shit. They seem like my biggest fucking fan. Always on my page. Always doing the most. Always on my nuts.”

So you know what happens next: Internet fights.

Take a look at the reactions and fights that have ensued. Will this ever end?

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