BLOOP! NeNe Blasts A ‘Desperate, Dehydrated’ Woman Claiming She Had A Baby With Her Son

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NeNe Leakes Responds To Woman Who Claims She Had A Baby With Bryson

Is NeNe Leakes a “Glam-ma” for a second time? That’s the question that’s being asked now that a woman’s claiming to have a baby with her son.

An Atlanta woman named Symone Davis has come forward and she’s alleging that NeNe’s son Bryson Bryant is the father of her 1-year-old.

Symone reached out to RadarOnline and she’s BIG mad that the reality TV grandma couldn’t care less about her alleged grandbaby. According to Symone, NeNe thinks she’s an “opportunist” and won’t pay the child, Blaze Kai Davis, any mind.

“It’s so sad, she wants nothing to do with her grandson,” Davis, 27, told Radar. “She’s so selfish, and only cares about herself and her fame.”

“Nene wants to keep my baby a secret,” Davis continued. “She has some nerve, and told me she thinks I’m an opportunist and that she doesn’t want me to have any fame from her name. It’s crazy because I used to like her and be cool with her. I’ve been to her house, we’ve partied together. She was cool at first but now that I’ve had a baby by her son, she switched up.”

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Symone’s claiming that she’s tried for months to get Bryant to pay child support for the little boy to no avail so now she’d like NeNe to pick up the slack.

“Nene needs to humble herself,” Davis said. “She didn’t come from money, and now that she has some, she’s so full of herself. I would love for her to have a relationship with her grandson, but I think it’s past that. She’s mean and she’s not happy.”

We can see why NeNe would think Symone’s chasing fame. She posted on IG that she and Bryson were given offers for two reality shows but he declined even though she wants million dollar checks.

“We have the opportunity to do 2 reality shows. But this 🤡 refused because he doesn’t want me to embarrass him on TV,” wrote the alleged baby mama. “I like Million Dollar checks💲. Where’s my pen🖋, bishh I’m signing📝✒”

Woo chile, the….


Symone actually did a radio interview calling out NeNe and NeNe called in to clap back, hit the flip.

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Symone was a guest on The Armon Wiggins Show and she put NeNe on full blast. Bryson’s alleged baby mama claims that she and NeNe were cordial, had dinner together (and got drunk) but everything changed after she got pregnant.

“NeNe is not being a grandmother, she doesn’t want to,” said Symone. “She’s stopping Bryson from being a father even though he’s grown.”

[…] “I’m not saying NeNe is obligated to take care of him, NeNe comes into play because NeNe is Bryson’s mother. He’s broke but she’s rich. Why is he broke sleeping couch to couch and his brother has a lot of money?”

Symone also made allegations that Bryson uses cocaine and she’s had to send him money. At one point a Leakes “family friend” calls in and blasts Symone. The friend alleges that Symone is money-hungry and lying, and addicted to cocaine.

“You will never get a dime from NeNe Leakes b***!”



In a second part of the interview, NeNe calls in herself (OOOP!) and goes off on Symone for being “thirsty”

Hit the flip for the drama.

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

NeNe called in to The Armon Wiggins Show and “so nasty and so rudely” called out Symone for being thirsty. She also added that she might file a lawsuit and thinks Symone is desperate to be on RHOA.

“I do not know Symone, I think Symone should be very worried about getting a lawsuit because she’s made several defamatory remarks,” said NeNe. “If she has a child with Bryson, it is not my child, not my responsibility,” said NeNe.

“I do remember seeing her once. She’s not been around me ever, if she’s been in my home she’s been in my home when I wasn’t there. I feel bad for Symone, I think she’s extremely thirsty. I think she wants to be on the show.”

She also added that the “thirsty” woman is not fit for TV.

“If you want me to be in the child’s life after what you’ve said and done in this call, chile….you’re extremely thirsty and want to be on TV, you’re not even fit for television!”

Things got especially interesting when NeNe faced off with Symone directly.

NeNe: “Let’s just say if I was broke, I’m still working so I’m not gonna be broke for long. I hope this is making your nipples hard to be on the phone with me, you’re an extremely thirsty girl. Let’s be clear, you will never step your foot on this cast ever in your f**** life! She is more entertaining than I am because she has a lot of loose screws in her head.”

“You don’t know me girl, you WANT to know me.”

Symone: “You DO know me! I’ve been to your house multiple times.”

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