Model Got 36DD Breasts For Her Ex-Boyfriend, Says They Started Making Fart Noises 

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32-year old Emily Nolan got 36DD when she was 23, just to please her boyfriend who was unhappy with her 36 B breasts.

But things took a turn for the worse as Nolan’s huge implants left her with pain in her neck and shoulders. As if the pain isn’t bad enough, the former model says her breasts started to make fart-like noises when she would raise her arms.

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Warning: This post contains graphic material. A year ago, I had my breast implants removed—it’s called a #breastexplant and it’s an increasingly popular surgery (⬆️13% last year). I was recently talking to a group of young women, many who were interested in getting their boobs or butt “done”…so I told them this: 1. Getting breast implants HURTS and hinders your Earth Suit in moving for fun—I couldn’t run more than 3 miles without my sports bras KILLING my shoulders. 2. When I had my breast implants taken out, I contracted an AWFUL infection (swipe 👉🏻 for pictures) that required a small second operation while i was awake. I believe that my right breast never fully “recovered” because it’s still numb from the operation. 3. I’m GLAD I had my #breastimplants removed, because now I feel like myself again. Also, some studies say that implants are toxic and reek havoc on your body. . . . Over 50 of you have written me after sharing my journey and shared with me that you have or you plann to take your implants out too! If you’ve gone through this process or are considering it, leave a message about your experience or desires in the comments so we can all help each other through this process. (PS-The last picture is of the implants I carried around for 8 years!) #beprettybrave . . . #emilynolan #bodypositive #bodyimage #radicalhonesty #plasticsurgery

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She told the Daily Mail,

Whenever I’d lift my arms, say to hug a friend, the implants would make an awful, not to mention embarrassing, fart noise. You could hear the noise every time I raised my arms, which was truly the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Following a visit to Santa Fe and hearing the suction noises under my chest, I knew it wasn’t healthy to have them in my body

Luckily, Emily has moved on from her ex and is now happily married to a man who loves her body in it’s natural form. She is now back down to her original breast size, but after having her second extract surgery in September 2016, Emily contracted an infection which required a second minor surgery as the wound didn’t heal properly.

She has since recovered and given birth to a beautiful baby boy with her new hubby.

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