F**k 12: Ethiopian Man Arrested Outside Of His Maryland Home For Helping A Drunk Man [Video]

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Black Maryland Man Arrested Outside His Home For Helping Drunk Man

As we’ve repeated FAR too often, Black folks can’t do a damn thing in this country without the fear of police being weaponized against us.

Here we have yet another headazz instance that will make your blood boil while you let loose a visceral scream of “F**K THE POLICE!”

According to Indy100, Samir Ahmed was arrested outside of his home for attempting to help an unconscious drunk man who was on his property. Police responded to a call about an unconscious man and spend all their time seemingly intent on arresting Samir. Let them tell it, Samir smelled like marijuana and wouldn’t allow the officers to search him.

So while a man lays unconscious on the ground, cops feel like smelling like marijuana while trying to help is a much more egregious crime.

Said Ahmed to HuffingtonPost:

“I explained that I brought the drunk man home, and she [the female officer] began to become infuriated when I wouldn’t tell her his exact address,” Ahmed said.

Here’s Samir’s IG post that explains what happened:

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(((PLEASE SHARE AND TAG)))) On Saturday November,17,2018 at 11:00am I was locked out my house, so I called a Lyft to a friends house. While I was outside I realized that an intoxicated man had just fell down right by my front yard. I asked if he was okay,but he was so drunk he could barely talk. So I lifted him up and took him home. While walking him home I asked why was he drinking so much, so early in the morning. Unfortunately he was grieving the loss of his brother who passed away a few days ago. I knocked on the door and made sure he got inside home safely then walked back home. When i returned home i seen there where police men and firefighters outside my house. I asked “is there a fire”. The officer responded saying they where called there because someone was intoxicated and needed medical attention. Apparently before I had seen the drunk guy he was unconscious in somebodies lawn.I explained how I carried him home, and showed my ID to prove that I lived on the residence. After answering all there questions in a respectful manner, one the officers said”I think you’re the intoxicated one”. I was later arrested as seen my in the video but was never told what for till literally 3 hours later. I’m currently fighting four charges and Fox 5, NBC, and CBS won’t shed light on this situation SO PLEASE SHARE! Shout out to the Peters family for recording and all the love and support they showed through this situation.

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F**k the police and everybody who loves them.

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