Solo Lucci Says Alexis Skyy Has Dodged Giving Him A DNA Test

Who’s The Pappy? Solo Lucci Claims Alexis Skyy Has Been Ducking DNA Testing For Baby Alaiyah For MONTHS [Exclusive]

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Alexis Skyy

Source: VH1 / VH1

Unsurprisingly, Alexis had a LOT to say to Lucci about his response to her appearance on last night’s episode. She claims that not only is he chasing clout by claiming a child he knows isn’t his, but the only reason the public believes her daughter looks like him at all is due to her medical issues.

In a (now deleted) IG post, Alexis posted the following message with the caption “Enough is Enough!”

I’m so sick and tired of this sh*t. I’ve asked Solo Lucci to come take this f*cking DNA test multiple times to put this rumor to rest.

But of course the only way he’s willing to do so, is if it’s a scene for LHH involved. It’s really sad and annoying AF that I even have to go out of my way to prove to anyone what I’ve done with my own p*ssy!!!!

Solo knows got damn well I wasn’t involved with him several months prior to me getting pregnant. This is my exact reason for saying he’s [sic] does this for clout. When I contact him behind the scene to come take the test to shut these rumors down, he bullsh*ts.

But as soon as it’s the show or media involve, [sic] he wants to contact production to take part in shooting a scene!!! = CLOUT!!

And I’m so f*cking tired of everyone saying my daughter looks anything like him…my daughter suffers from hydrocephalus, a brain bleed, which causes her head to swell, making her head shape the way it is!! That’s the ONLY reason ppl continue to run with this bum a** story!!! My daughter looks NOTHING like him in the face!!!!

So put this sh*t to rest, come to NYC!!!! so I can prove for once and for all…. that you are NOT my child’s father!!!!! Enough is enough & I don’t wanna hear a word about none of this sh*t ever again when it’s all done!!!!

Well, she certainly sounds hype to have him complete a test in this message…despite his claims that she didn’t care for him to take it since she was adamant that Alaiyah isn’t his child. Her version of this story sounds pretty similar to her struggle to get Fetty to complete a DNA test as examined on the show.

Doesn’t it seem odd that she’s having such a hard time getting either one of these men to establish (or exclude) themselves as the biological father to her baby girl??



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