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In a recent interview, Mary J opens up about some of the struggles she’s had to face:

When asked if she’s happy, Mary replied:

“‘Well, I am, because it’s such a new place for me, but you have no idea how hard I have to work to continue being here. When you come from so many damaged places you don’t ever want to spiral back there, so you gotta continue to check yourself. You have to make sure that one drink is not turning into 20 drinks, or that you’re not even thinking about going back to drugs, or that you continue not to react and get angry. But it’s how you respond that determines how it’s going to be.’

‘When I said I’m not drinking any more, I’m not hanging out any more – it was almost like people ran away from me.’ She keeps her voice neutral but looks away when she says this, her eyes downcast. ‘They just vanished, and it hurt me really, really bad because there was a point where I believed those people loved and liked me, I really did. And that’s devastation – but for me it’s a little easier, I know how to turn off from the world and go into a hole and stay there by myself; I know how to do that and it hurts, but I’ll do it just to survive.’

“This music business can suck all the love out of you,’ she says earnestly, ‘all the compassion for people – you can start to think you’re better than them. But I want to continue to let people know that I’m no better and no worse, I’m just like you.'”

Kudos to Ms. Blige for getting her ish together. For a woman with a $12 million dollar home, she sounds pretty down to earth.


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