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In a recent interview, Mary J opens up about some of the struggles she’s had to face:

When asked if she’s happy, Mary replied:

“‘Well, I am, because it’s such a new place for me, but you have no idea how hard I have to work to continue being here. When you come from so many damaged places you don’t ever want to spiral back there, so you gotta continue to check yourself. You have to make sure that one drink is not turning into 20 drinks, or that you’re not even thinking about going back to drugs, or that you continue not to react and get angry. But it’s how you respond that determines how it’s going to be.’

‘When I said I’m not drinking any more, I’m not hanging out any more – it was almost like people ran away from me.’ She keeps her voice neutral but looks away when she says this, her eyes downcast. ‘They just vanished, and it hurt me really, really bad because there was a point where I believed those people loved and liked me, I really did. And that’s devastation – but for me it’s a little easier, I know how to turn off from the world and go into a hole and stay there by myself; I know how to do that and it hurts, but I’ll do it just to survive.’

“This music business can suck all the love out of you,’ she says earnestly, ‘all the compassion for people – you can start to think you’re better than them. But I want to continue to let people know that I’m no better and no worse, I’m just like you.'”

Kudos to Ms. Blige for getting her ish together. For a woman with a $12 million dollar home, she sounds pretty down to earth.


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  • fsfeioreg

    She is a mammonist? She seems to seek for rich man to date on a celeb dating club “Ma r rymi lliona ire.c om “.She posted her nice pic on that club.

  • Melanie

    Good for Mary, when you come from the PJ it’s hard to get out and make a sucess of yourself and she has done just that. More power to her.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I LOVE ME SOME MARY! I just want to hug her. She is the bomb times 3!

  • Harlem Chic

    I love Mary because she tells the truth about herself…

  • A. Naomi

    See, that’s what I love so much about Mary. She’s got money, helfa is breaded up! But she is so down to earth, so real, like the money doesn’t even phase her. She’ll admit to being addicted to shoes, but what woman wouldn’t be if they had the money, you know? But she understands the money is just fruit of her labor and it is what it is- it’s just money. She’s still approachable (met her in Chicago after the 4/27 show!), she’s still cool, she’s down to earth, and she really is just like us regular folk, because she is regular folk. She just happens to be blessed with a nice amount of money. She stays true to herself and she’s always been real and open about her own struggles. I love that Mary is happy now, and I love that she can be honest about how hard it is to stay that way. Stay the way you are, Mary. Your fans will continue to love you for it. I know I do.

  • http://www.ronpaul2008.com Heather -- THE GREAT!

    Love Mary. I love her older music more, but I love mary none the less. “. But it’s how you respond that determines how it’s going to be.’” AMEN MARY!


    mary is such a role model for all woman young and old. because u are somewhere whether low or high you have fight ur way through to get to where you want to be or even to stay at the top. as woman we all go through a phase with self love and with friends. i’m thankful she open up to her spirit and went where God told her to. stay blessed ma

  • JAD

    I love Mary. I am glad she overcame her problems and can talk about them now.


    We love us some Mary J.

  • Sir Left Foot Lucious (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)


    She’s the only artist in which I can hear her “emotion” in her vocals… She’s been through some s#it…

    Money makes life comfortable but it doesn’t buy you happiness, I guess…

  • rr

    Most women who feel a need to keep saying God in every sentence or interview…Or talk about how blessed they are….That’s a sign or really being fuked up in the head…And 9 times out of 10 they have a ton of problems……….

  • as seen on t.v.

    mary is likeable because she is who she is…nothing more nothing less…she is just like the rest of us…just with a bigger bank account…

  • http://www.myspace.com/feminynfire Insatiable_qt

    I LOVE some MJB…ever since Whats The 411?

  • Kaye

    Just because one has money, doesn’t mean one doesn’t have problems. It sounds to me that her past hurts have taught her some very valuable lessons. I think she is still very hurt and the industry is making it very difficult for her to heal. If faced with the same temptations, most of us would not be able to handle the pressure. I commend you Mary…. do yo thang gurl!

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I’m so tired of hearing her sob story. She’s been living the good life for years now. Everyone has to deal with shady people at one time in their life and yes with her being a celebrity she probably has to deal with it more but so what? Suck it up! You don’t hear other artist whinning over it this much. She’s out the hood now like so many other artist. It’s great that she remembers her obstacles and all but enough is enough.

  • Eye

    mary, your fans love you to pieces and we are so proud of how you pulled yourself up out of the death trap of drugs and a sordid life to become such a beautiful person. Keep doing you and shake off the doubters and the haters.

  • soulwoman

    Some of yall are so freaking ignorant. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you are happy and doesn’t stop problems from occuring. Mary said plain and simple she is just like everybody else; that’s her point of sharing her story. She isn’t singling herself out. To let people know she go through ish – rich or poor.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ocky_j Octavia

    Just further insight into why some of the most successful people have very few “friends”… living right isn’t easy.

  • Darth Paul

    OLD NEWS, MARY! Give us a scandal or somethin

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    Does she take meds for her depression? She always seems so damn depressed…damn woman…snap out of it…geez.

    We all struggle at one time or another…get our little feelings hurt at one time or another as well…but most of us don’t carry that burden around for years…damn, I guess her husband’s hugs didn’t help…

    Wipe your eyes Mary…you live long enough…you’ll get over it…and start enjoying life instead of rehashing all that old mess.

    Smile chile!

  • HomoMafia

    Go ahead Mary!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    you didnt need to be in the industry mary to figure this happens all the time

    the wheel continues to turn….

  • WordzOfaProphet

    Mary, do ya tnang gurl. Ain’t nobody mad at that. Being happy is gud for you and I’m proud that she finally at that happy point in her life and career.

  • I'm Just Me

    Well good for her, but I am tired of hearing about her stuggles and the past myself.

  • Doagae

    I love this woman….she has gone through so much and she has not allowed it to kill her but yet make her better….taking with her the lesson it taught.

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