Ain’t Over: Porsha & Kandi Finally Discuss Dennis’ ‘Taboo’ Tattoos On #RHOA

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Kandi Porsha

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Who said dat???

Kandi And Porsha Talk Dennis McKinley On RHOA

During the next episode of RHOA fans will see Kandi and Porsha finally come face to face over Dennis McKinley. As previously reported Kandi told Marlo, Cynthia, and NeNe that she heard rumors that Porsha’s fiance Dennis McKinley tattooed multiple women’s names on his body.

The ladies all agreed not to tell Porsha about the gossip, but NeNe spilled the beans and Porsha outed her on camera for sharing the story.

Now on Sunday fans will see Porsha and Kandi faceoff over what went down. According to Porsha whose seen in a clip obtained by Entertainment Tonight, she feels betrayed by Kandi because she didn’t bring her the information herself especially since they’re still trying to repair their relationship…

“In the past, our issue was, you didn’t want people talking about what they heard,” Porsha tells Kandi. “I would’ve felt like you woulda automatically thought you would’ve automatically known that you, coming back into the relationship, wouldn’t be talking about what you heard.”

and she’s peeved that Kandi’s been gossiping to the other RHOA ladies about her.

“But it didn’t come straight to me, Kandi,” she adds. “You sat and had a conversation about what has been put on my man’s body to three other chicks, without me even being there! And minus me and you even having a one-on-one conversation, period, about him. You see what I’m saying?”

Kandi claims however that she didn’t have ill intentions and instead was pointing out Dennis’ affinity for tattoos of his partners, which she thinks means that his “skin ain’t exclusive.”

“In most situations, if somebody tattoos a person’s name on them or whatever, whatever, you take it as in, this really means something,” Kandi tells Porsha. “But if you find out that person had been doing that a lot with different other people, it’s like, well, OK, maybe I shouldn’t jump so quickly to think, OK, this is gonna be as serious as he’s portraying it to be, because his skin ain’t exclusive.”

Porsha then replies; “Most people’s vaginas and they penises ain’t exclusive, honey” before adding that she couldn’t care less about her man’s tatts.

Messy, messy, messy.

Watch Porsha and Kandi talk Dennis McKinley below.

Kandi’s speaking out further via her Bravo blog, hit the flip.

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Kandi apparently cracked up at the clip of Porsha confirming that NeNe spilled the beans, but wonders why NeNe lied in the first place. Were you surprised NeNe told Porsha what you said?
KB: Kind of, but not really. I was told that NeNe was the one that said it, but when I asked NeNe multiple times she said no. So I started to give her the benefit of a doubt. I laughed when I saw the episode and Porsha said that NeNe said it. I just didn’t understand why NeNe told me not to tell Porsha in the first place if she was going to tell her anyway. Even if she wanted to be the one to tell Porsha, why deny it? It really wasn’t a big deal.

She also thinks Porsha tried to play it cool about the Dennis rumors but was secretly pissed. What did you think of Porsha’s response to what you’d heard about Dennis?
KB: Well… She tried to act unbothered, but Dennis had already reached out to the girls I knew telling them Porsha was pissed with him about what I said. That’s why I wanted to clear the air with her at the table and not pretend like there was nothing wrong.


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